My Camera Died at the Beginning of a Shoot, So I Used My iPhone Instead

24 thoughts on My Camera Died at the Beginning of a Shoot, So I Used My iPhone Instead

  1. My Nikon D750 died at the very beginning of my first wedding of the year, in February. Guess what? I still had my OTHER D750 — plus another backup DSLR sitting in a locked case. Just because you’re an amateur doesn’t mean you have to be clueless instead of prepared.

  2. And the results look like it. No separation between your background and the subject, unpleasing to the eye, shots are too wide and just not professional looking. The only thing going for them is the model looks good. You should invest in a backup body and then this wouldn’t happen. Let’s not pretend an iPhone is a decent substitute because it’s not.

  3. What’s wrong with you Petapixel ??!! Which kind of articles is this one ??
    Is this the way you educate people about being a photographer ??
    Come on guys, we are fed up with the stories of a9 and Iphone camera.

    P.s : your next article should be about the similarity of iPhone camera and $3000 FF cameras.

  4. …did anybody actually read the article or did you all go straight to the comments to prove to everyone how professional you are that you’d never go to a shoot with less than 8 bodies and 15 lenses?

    Second paragraph, clearly says hobbyist. Not once did the author say he is a professional.

    Chill out folks.

  5. This is why you should always have a second DSLR body with you at all times. It doesn’t have to be as nice of one as your primary camera, but you always need to have a second body of the same brand, with the same type of lens mount, with you at all times, just to be able to address this exact type of issue. One of the hallmarks of a professional photographer is always having a good backup camera with you on every shoot, just in case.

  6. Why do I always read iPhone in these kinds of stories. If they are about “gear doesn’t matter” they entirely miss the point, cause clearly for those people it does, cause they got the most expensive phone instead of a Samsung Galaxy S7, a Huawei P9, a Canon G7X or a Gameboy camera.

  7. It’s obvious that the people here who are bashing the photographer are people who are insecure and in capable of performing if they don’t have their personalized trusty camera companion. Look, the way this is presented is simple; “the photographer’s camera died, but that doesn’t matter he’s skilled and bold enough to make it happen with a different camera”. And this is where skills from the experience of any photographer over weighs any gear.

  8. I did a photoshoot fot Grazia magazine (the social media issue), shot with my phone’s camera and it turned out to be really cool and the prints were awesome 🙂 cool styling, models and a wicked studio.

  9. Honestly. . .not good pics at all. And they would still be bad even if they were shot on a D750.
    I mean, they look like the kind of pics you’d see on someone’s FB ‘photography’ page–you know, the kind that MWACs have the February after they get a 7D for Christmas.

  10. You guys (and I mean guys since almost all the vitriol coming from men) check the covers (and back covers) of this month’s Bon Appetit and Condé Nast Traveler magazines. Then go back to hating on a hobbyist.

  11. 1. An “i”phone instead of camera-phone.
    2. Not a pro shoot so no second body, its ok. Not commenting on the actual photos, i think theres enough of that here.
    3. But maybe be a little prepared with an extra five dollar battery.
    4. The person the article is about doesnt bother me, its the author that does.
    5. PET-PEEVE… i wish they would STOP calling everyone they write about “photographers”. No other profession that i can think of has titles that can apply to both pros and amateurs. There are no “amateur” doctors or “amateur” lawyers or “amateur” plumbers or “amateur” fashion designer. Photographers are photographers, everyone else takes pictures.

  12. Not everyone is looking at the context here. It was a ‘fashion’ shoot with a friend. Low pressure stuff. No one was getting paid. It wasn’t even a TFP thing. So a phone was okay… probably the widest pics ever but it did the job.

  13. I hope the photographer and/or model read the comments.
    There’s a bunch of Debbie Downers, but it looks like you two had fun and enjoyed the challenge. You broke, you saw, you conquered anyway. Go team.

  14. “My Camera died, i can’t buy a new one, but then i had a idea on how to get attention (and maybe some paid customers) – because i did such an awesome job with just my iphone – and didn’t think of renting or borrowing a proper camera to actually use those pictures for more than social-media and web.” How many times do we have to read such articles?

  15. This is why I have four dSLRs (two go with me, two stay at home), spare memory cards and extra batteries; and a 16mp compact digital AND a smartphone. But it’s good to be able to use a phone if that’s all you’ve got on you.

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