Is Apple Pushing Photographers to Use Windows?

Does Apple want photographers to use Windows?

Is Apple Pushing Photographers to Use Windows?

For years, I’ve been the biggest supporter of everyone using a Mac, except gamers. Especially if you are a photographer or graphic designer, it just makes sense and it always has. But as current events unfold it’s becoming harder and harder to stick with the platform, no matter how great it actually…

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23 thoughts on Is Apple Pushing Photographers to Use Windows?

  1. i’ve always been a pc guy because of gaming. So i’m one of those rare designer/creatives that never went mac. For me, I just couldnt ever get over the price. Building gaming monsters i’ve always had top notch spec machines that could handle anything i would throw at it, so never saw the need to switch. Recently i needed to upgrade my laptop and was really intrigued with the offerings that included pen input. I ended up choosing the HP SPectre x360 15 inch. With 16 gb of ram, 8th gen i7, sd card reader and pen i knew it would do the job and it does and only costs about 1500.

  2. I think this article is poorly written. While Apple are for sure a very expensive company, it is for good reason. It’s like with the iPhones – they may be a few years behind on the tech when they do get it, but it is always more refined than anyone else’s. I feel the same about Mac’s. I have a really good PC, but even with amazing internals it still is slow compared to a Apple workflow and optimization wise.

  3. I was a Mac user and graphic artist for years. I was snubbed at an Apple store some years ago by a snot nosed young salesperson and walked out. I went directly to a PC store and have been using Windows ever since. Mac, in my opinion, is only snob appeal. My PC is actually more powerful than any Mac I’ve owned and I can upgrade my machine whereas Mac gets obsolete after a few months with no user upgradable options. I’m happy I made the switch.

  4. Yep, Haven’t purchased an apple product since they removed their 17″ notebooks and with the current prices for the same intel based hardware at 1000$ or more of a price difference, I will not buy another apple product.

  5. I was in the same dilemma recently….. I had a 2008 mbp ran buttery smooth and all for 6 yrs…. after upgrading my camera and memory cards and so on and upgrading the software… started getting slower and slower….. so I bite the bullet and tried to find a new mbp equivalent with that disappointing touch pad…. and i could not find it…. then I looked at the Microsoft surface with performance base all maxed out…. tried that…. still was not happy…. finally i made my own custom built computer…. 8 cores 32 gb ram 12 gb video card 15tb storage (five 3tb hard drives with 7200 rpm) with a 2 tb ssd to run the software and a 5k 36 inch curved widescreen monitor all for $3800 and the software is smooth as hell with neons and water cooled….. one of the best purchases I made to date after a almost 10 yr run with my mbp…. I don’t regret my decision at all….. I still have to find a suitable laptop eventually…. for my desktop is a beast for what I need

  6. This is at the core of Apple’s identity crisis. They are alienating their die hard fans. As soon as Google makes a phone that drive consumer demand, people will switch and Apple will have to fall back on computing. They have stopped innovating, and are just playing catch up with a bigger pomp and circumstance to release those products.

  7. Mac user for almost a decade. Love them still. Dont love the price tag for antiquated hardware, even on the newest releases of their laptops, they are shockingly underwhelming to say the least.

    Had to go with PC. Was cheaper, and twice as good in the hardware department.

    I hate windows, even more so since using it. However, when something performs better and is significantly cheaper, you would be stupid to not switch.

  8. I’ve been using iMacs at work for.. well, since the desk lamp styled one back in the day. They’re fine for me, but then I don’t customize stuff. It already does everything I want it to do and I save files to external drives/servers, so I don’t need to add internal drives anyway. Personally, I think the only limitations the current crop of iMacs would have are for video editing.

    Seems like the author just wants the customization that a windows machine offers. Nothing wrong with that, but he’s not speaking for all photographers.

  9. I just sold all my apple products and went to windows. Apple, no more fancy touchbar and removing USB ports. I mean come on! I used to own an iMac, iMac, Macbook Pro, iWatch, iPhone etc, when i saw the keynote from the latest macbook release, my heart sank, it is just trying to be a hipster, I sill love the OS and honestly I won’t mind the price too much, but for fancy functions? No thanks.

  10. The article is a polite way to say what any IT nerd has known for over a decade; the Mac’s specs are impressive… If you compare it to a generic PC that sells for 1/15th of its price.

  11. I still LOVE my iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, but my workhorse is my custom built pc. I would have paid twice the money for a similar Apple system with no clear advantages. I think Apple really just doesn’t care as much about their desktop computers as much as they do their other products.

  12. Very sadly, as a Mac person since 1986, Apple is pretty much old news at this point, when it comes to computers. When it came time to buy a “serious” machine recently, I did the only thing I could do: I got a souped-up Lenovo. Buh-bye, Apple!

  13. News flash: Windows machines were always as capable and cheaper than Macs. Just turtle neck wearing ‘creative types’ are more into parting with money for an idea that a Mac is cooler.

  14. I could draw similarities to Adobe. They totally screwed a large portion of their original customer base when they went to subscription only, and then had the audacity to say it served the consumer better instead of just owning up to their bottom line. It gets to a point when brand loyalty and the pros of a beloved system or software are outweighed by the brand ignoring their own customers.

  15. Macs are great until you upgrade the camera, then realise your old machine with an old OS can’t update Adobe Camera Raw to recognise your new camera’s files. Never had that issue with Windows.

  16. It’s 2017, PCs are extremely powerful, reliable and cheap. It’s all about what’s more important to you, If you want to look “cool”, use a mac. If you really need to work, doing heavy lifting design or photography, producing large files, use a PC, It’s as simple as that, I save hours per day working on a PC compared to a mac, after years of using both I can say, don’t believe the hype.

  17. Article is filled with Appleista bias that is, in the world of Windows 10, no longer warranted. That being said, I know 3 Professional Photographers who have abandoned iOS for Windows desktops.

  18. Wait, Windows slows down the more you use it? And planned obsolescence… I guess those 32gb of memory that’s being supported by Windows is super outdated now.

    And for the record I use both platforms

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