Photoshop Plug-In for Better Frequency Separation Control

Want to up your frequency separation game? Try this out!

Photoshop Plug-In for Better Frequency Separation Control

Full disclosure: I am about to tell you about my new Photohop plug-in, and yes it’s a product of mine, via the new brand NBP Plug-ins. It’s called Freqsep Control, and I intend to show you why I think it’s so amazing, and a little bit about the history behind its development which began at the start…

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9 thoughts on Photoshop Plug-In for Better Frequency Separation Control

  1. Why does FStoppers keep promoting mediocrity?? This should be in some generic “look how this wedding photography used an iphone!”…..oh, wait, that was posted here only days ago too, my bad.

  2. Hey everyone! Figured I would chime in ever so briefly since my team and I developed this plugin.

    First off, yes it uses proprietary algorithms that are not the same, nor included, in Photoshop by itself – that’s not a “skam”. The plugin uses external algorithms entirely, and is not an Action that calls internal Photoshop functions / filters.

    Second, a plugin in this situation is literally the only method for setting up the superior processes we have created. The end result is simply a better tool, and not on automated process to “fix” skin in a click. We’ve simply offered a more refined tool to give you a better result – provided you put in the appropriate, tried-and-true work into your skin retouching in general. You can achieve amazing skin work results with the common methods, and you can achieve even more amazing skin results (and set it up quicker) with our plugin. Retouching is VERY much an art, and a “by hand” process. My plugin is not a quick fix, but simply a better tool for your hand to get better results with.

    There is no substitute for proper dodge and burn when it comes to skin work – I’ve said this for years. Frequency separation is a tool that is needed only when it’s needed, and even then, used appropriately (as I have said in the videos about the plugin, which are my YouTube channel)

    If you’ve watched said videos, you will note I mentioned that FS has fallen out of favor to many retouchers in recent years, and how the process itself is sound but has been abused by bad technique for years as well, especially recently. However, appropriate use of FS can often be the solution you need on your images, tho perhaps not every single one, and that my plugin has made even myself love FS again.

    Any standard retouching technique can be applied badly. Any art form can be done badly by abusing and misunderstanding a technique. My plugin was never intended to be a “quick fix”, but simply a flexible tool for those who may have more discerning demands from the FS process.

    Maybe this plugin is just what you were looking for, and maybe you have no use for it at all. All good either way, friends! 🙂

    We are of course updating and evolving the plugin based on user feedback, so feel free to touch base at

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