It Costs a Pro Photog Over $11,000 to Switch from Canon to Sony: Report

23 thoughts on It Costs a Pro Photog Over $11,000 to Switch from Canon to Sony: Report


    In other news, we have a reporter at the beach checking out new claims that water is wet. More on this as we get it.

  2. Same if you switch any major brand. But you can buy an adapter and still use your old glass and upgrade piecemeal with the Sony. You can’t do that from Canon>Nikon or Nikon>Sony.

  3. Feel Too bad for too much promote the Sony. After Dpreview Sony now targets leading photography sites like petapixel. Anyone feel same like me recent articles are too much pro-sony & anti-canon.

  4. Depends on what kind of photography you do.

    If you don’t need blazing fast autofocus, you can keep your Canon grass and you’ll be fine. If you don’t need TTL, you can keep your Canon flashes and be fine.

    Now if you’re shooting something that requires mission critical autofocus, that’s a different story.

  5. “Marginal gains” as they say in bike racing jargon. I doubt anyone here could tell the difference between a post processed Sony, Nikon, or Canon pic.

    I haven’t held a Sony FF camera, but I’m confident that a Canon or Nikon beast will feel a whole lot better with a 70-200 mounted up.

  6. Let’s be honest here, allthough the Sony body’s are fantastic, the native E-mount lenses are MUCH more expensive than the CaNikon lenses. Also the E-mount glas line-up is still not there to compete with CaNikon.

  7. I don’t see how that’s possible assuming you have Canon gear to sell. I did it 1 1/2 years ago and I’d say it cost me $2-3k after selling off all my Canon gear. I miss some Canon glass, like a decent fairly inexpensive 35mm and some others, but that’s about it. I wish Canon had the 1DC out 2 years ago at the price it is now….then I maybe never would have switched.

  8. KEH is certainly the easy way to sell your gear, they are fair and professional. Yet there are tons of photographers that would pay at least 25% more than KEH for your used gear. That puts another $5-6 k on the table and cuts the writer’s estimate in half. I wonder if this writer also writes for FOX news?

  9. I pretty much broke even switching Sony A7RII from Canon 5DMII… But I got the Sony body +16-35 at a bargain off eBay used.. Then got a 5 year warranty! Super happy to have switched for sure 100%… But that’s because I’m a travel photographer.

  10. No pro photographers will be switching to Sony any time soon. Sony is at least five years away from being a serious alternative to either Canon or Sony. They will get there, but it will still be quite a while.

  11. Ive always switched systems and still only use one lens so I rarely didnt break even lol. But if you want to know which brand you’ll lose more money on? Nikon. You will take the biggest hit switching to either Canon or Sony. I lost more money selling my d800e and lenses than I did my Sony A850. Nikon retains as much value as a call of duty game. None lol

  12. I’m a bit disappointed in canon. I bought into that line based on their great lens lineup years ago. Their full frame offerings have been unimpressive with a lengthy design cycle.
    I suppose Sony has to try harder, as Nikon and they both have delivered excellent products in the last few years .

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