A Single Photograph Gets All Foreign Weddings Banned on a Greek Island

21 thoughts on A Single Photograph Gets All Foreign Weddings Banned on a Greek Island

  1. Been shooting weddings for 10 years now, and this is by far the most “WTF?!” trend I’ve seen pop up in wedding posts online. Is this becoming a thing? Please please let this not be a thing…

  2. You know. I’m still wondering why people think that just because you can do it, means you should do it. It astounds me as to the lack of general respect for everything, people, places, things. This attitude of “you can’t tell me what to do”, and “I do what I want” is bullshit. If your in a foreign place you should be respecting their customs and laws. Just because you can act like a total moron doesn’t mean you have to.

  3. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I was shooting the groom’s side at a wedding, and the boys were getting trashed, even before the ceremony. I was beside myself trying to get them to pose for photos… they literally couldn’t part with their precious beer cans… but they got really enthusiastic about me taking a photo of them all pissing against the wall of the school across the street from the church where the ceremony was about to start. I refused point blank.

    And then I put my camera down, crossed my arms, and I told them that they were a bunch of spoiled children and I was not got to take a single photo until they screwed themselves up and realized that I was the boss. And you know what happened? They fell into line like the perfectly pathetic little mama’s boys they were… at least until the speeches, which were disgusting and full of references to all the times the groom vomited… thank god I didn’t have to make the video!

  4. I hope those who request such photos will never ever be able to have children. Reproducing such idiocy should be banned. Everywhere. As for the photographer, yes, brilliant marketing plan. Yet it is his choice to take the photographs in the first place. And if he agrees to this, he is just a greedy pig in all this. What a disrespect!!!

  5. Hahahah just wait 30 years when most of you are dead they’ll talk about you like we talk about our grannies from the 50s or Victorian era.

    Seriously sex was always normal before it is a Normal thing it is literally the only reason you all Alive. We’ll live out of this era where nudity and sex are not considered vulgar but our most natural state which they are.

  6. I am doing wedings there the last 10 years.I done about 600 weddings.never had a single problem of behaviour with my couples.This couple they never hired a pro photographer.This photo is from mobile divace.The bishop banned the weddings because the weddings there is civil weddings which is anyway the church is against.

  7. banning weddings isn’t gonna stop ppl from sex acts being photographed (simulated or not). sex acts can still be photographed in non-wedding attire anywhere, including the Greek island. if any punishment is given, it should be directly to the parties responsible. as far as my opinion on sex-act photos: to each their own, as long as it’s done respectfully and discretely (e.g., not done at tourist locations, or while children are around, etc). consideration to others needs to be given. 😉

  8. I’m seeing a lot of pics like these now. They’re all trashy and in incredibly poor taste. If you want to do as a private joke that’s whatever but don’t put it online. This couple should be ashamed of themselves for ruining it for everyone else. Good grief.

  9. If people want to live depraved, sick, savage, subhuman, disrespectful, animalistic, degenerate lives, who am I to stand in the way? Maybe after their 4th divorce and their 3rd kid by 3 different mothers and they’re bankrupt from child support payments, maybe they’ll change their views. But hey, different people have different learning curves. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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