People are Forming Instagram ‘Pods’ to Try and Beat the Big Bad Algorithm

24 thoughts on People are Forming Instagram ‘Pods’ to Try and Beat the Big Bad Algorithm

  1. If you’re posting with the sole desire of getting likes then you’ll always be disappointing any number is “not enough”.

    Just post pics for your own enjoyment, social media shouldn’t be a chore.

  2. Here’s an idea, work for your “exposure”… I literally do not know anyone who “browses” instagram for new people to follow… Instagram is an extension of other social media formats… not an actual social networking site. What’s next? Bots spreading around snapchat addresses?

  3. Stop whining bot users. This forum for you to showcase your talents is offered to you for free, or possibly fee based, but you need to play by their rules, and they are fair rules. Or, go somewhere else.

  4. I have an idea, buy each others photos based on what you like not whats popular. Enjoy something tangible for a change and support your fellow photographer and print shop. Compensation and genuine respect goes directly to the individual who took the photo not some company mining your information to sell to advertisers.

  5. What a crock. Just enjoy your photography for what it is. Post and interact unconditionally on Instagram if you want to. Forget about likes ‘n’ follows. It’s just fluff and nonsense and is not going to make you a better photographer or any happier..

  6. Botting sucks, but what’s the point if fake likes?? It’s not a competition for Christ sake! The artificial manual liking is still the same as botting from this perspective.

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