Size Comparison: Sony a9 vs a7R II, Canon 5D Mark IV, and 1DX Mark II

24 thoughts on Size Comparison: Sony a9 vs a7R II, Canon 5D Mark IV, and 1DX Mark II

  1. the problem is more: it’s too small for the real big lenses. look at the videos where they have the new 100-400 on it and even small fingers barely fit between the grip and the lens.
    professionals have to work for hours with these lenses, so it should be comfortable to get a grip on the camera…

  2. Thing is, when I want to workout, I go to the gym. People complain it’s too small, yes it is small, install the grip ( which any photographer must have in any camera ) and problem is solved. The camera is robust and it’s size and features allow a lot more flexibility. Most photographers I see using huge cameras and video cameras, comes from the era, it’s big, it’s pro. Even if those tankers were the crappiest camera. Spend one day hicking for rally shooting and you’ll what I mean. Sony all day. 🙂

  3. Pro can take any device into work of art. So logic doesn’t apply here. You aren’t a pro with big gear rather you are a pro when all other people can’t get the shot you are getting.

  4. Has Petapixel been purchased by Sony, because it certainly has felt that way this past week…answering today’s question, I don’t know of any serious pro that would switch to a system that hasn’t be battle tested yet – let alone not released yet. I myself work too much to have time to pickup/switch to the latest camera brand because it has a little bit more of ISO than the one I currently own, or more dynamic range or whatever else. There’s an economical reason to this decision, but not only. I believe that I’m good at what I do also because I know my equipment very well (Including its limitations), because I have an efficient work flow which my equipment is a large part of. In other words, my équipement doesn’t get in my way and I can put my mind and focus where it needs to be: on the subject of my photo. And you can reach that level with ANY camera if you work hard enough. I bet the cartier-bresson and robert capa didn’t have sophisticated auto-focus to assist them taking immortal photos… . Sony is certainly pulling the right moves and they could put a serious dent in canon’s market (whom I’m a customer, can’t tell about Nikon ). In the long run, if Canon only comes up with half-assed updates designed by their marketing départements, Sony could supplant them.

  5. I have both systems and even though Sony excels in lab tests, it has serious drawbacks such as unreliability (e.g. software problems), slowness (start-up & focus), bad battery life etc. What’s worst – my A7II has several mechanical issues just after ~10k shots…while my 5Diii is still going strong, not a single problem, after >50k shots.

  6. lol no one talks about Nikon anymore. 🙁 lol! Was thinking about what happens when you drop the Sony? My D3s has hit the pavement from with a 70-200 2.8IS-ED on it and picked up and carried on shooting. The lens needed to be repaired but the body hasn’t missed a day of work. Ever.

  7. But you forgot to compare the weight!!! The most important aspect of a comparison.. when lugging around gear! The Sony a9 body is something like 1.48 lbs and the Canon 5D is 1.89 lbs. Not a big difference.

  8. I’ve really considered moving over to Sony from Nikon, but held a A7r11 at a photography show for the 1st time a month or so ago and it’s so small…was gutted…it felt awful:( I really fancy that exposure preview and focus peaking though …

  9. Really Gents, it is so boring to hear this song over and over again: that MILCs are better than DSLRs. Where are the proves? In every discussion a “minority” tries to convince the majority that they are wrong using DSLRs. “Some people” switched to Sony from Nikon. How many of those are professional? For the moment I dont see Sonys in the PRO arena. And trust me, they (sony) will need still to wait,wait a long time, if they ever gonna get there.

  10. I have the 5dIV and the a7rII. The canon is way more comfortable to work with, because of its size. I hate all these small knobs, the wheel and the joystick on the sony. Hope they rethink their design. To be small is a disadvantage sometimes.

  11. What I don’t understand is why Sony, Olympus, Pentax, LUMIX Panasonic is so keen to convert Nikon and Canon users to admit their sins and convert? If you want to buy a Sony or already own one with a few 3 RD party lenses you really don’t have to justify your decision and no 2 try and convince others that size and weight reduction will improve their image quality. Put the 9A on the Sony 500 f4 and see how it balance plus the 20fps drops to 10fps plus the lens cost $13400. Really do you think I will sell a 1Dxii or D5 with a lens system build over 25 yrs for a Sony system with a 100-400 that weight the same as the Canon 100-400 of Nikon 80-400, a 300 f2.8 and 500 f4 that cost a $1200 more than the C or N lenses. So how much weight loss do you gain? And how much image quality to you gain.

  12. I don’t get why they don’t try to ruggedize it…. that thing looks like it’d break at the slightest drop. Probably can’t do extreme weather as good as a Canon or Nikon either.

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