Instagram Shuts Down Popular Botting Service Instagress

22 thoughts on Instagram Shuts Down Popular Botting Service Instagress

  1. Great to see instagram doing something finally. Now if they would actually make an easy ‘report’ button to report ‘stolen’ photos, that would be the next step. Way too many accounts full of stolen photos without credits currently.

  2. The butt-hurt is strong with this thread. People think they’re better than effective marketing. Enjoy feelings of moral superiority. They won’t increase your engagement, sales, or bottom line.

    “I’m better than that.”
    No. You aren’t.
    “Bots aren’t authentic.”
    Neither is social media.
    “It’s not fair.”
    And life is?

    News flash: if it works (like pop-ups, instagress, and advertising) it makes money and money doesn’t whine. Unlike y’all.

  3. About bloody time… Although it will just reappear in another form. The internet is generally loosing it’s credibility fast in all areas at an alarming rate. Back to flyers soon perhaps?

  4. How will they stop the PODS though? A ton of people are using those, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent it, as they’re groups of real users, essentially doing what bots did.

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