Photographer’s Stolen Cameras Blown Up by Bomb Squad

16 thoughts on Photographer’s Stolen Cameras Blown Up by Bomb Squad

  1. The story really underscores the risk of being under insured. That’s why you should always insure for replacement cost and not value. It cost a little bit more but I’ve always found it worth it.

  2. I feel really bad for him, really. I do. But all the same I can’t stop laughing at the absurdity of it all. I mean this is the kind of story you can proudly tell at the bar or to your kids.

  3. I got a better one than this : last week in the town I work in, I woke up and turned the scanner on and realized there was some kind of commotion on a 4 lane hey that had all the businesses closed for 2 blocks. After listening and turning to the local tv station I found out it was a bomb scare, it wasn’t called in as a bomb but called in as a suspicious package. It was 2 coolers someone had left on the side of the road. A couple of people I work with along with a number of people posted on Facebook that those coolers had been there since the day before. Well to make the story short the bomb squad blew up someone’s lunch and some apples.

  4. Whatever happened to that technology that sees through walls? Don’t we have gear that can see through stuff? Couldn’t they just use infrared or something? Seems like a waste of time, money and energy…..or some eager cop looking to blow up stuff… Not cool!

  5. I remember in my area. Someone reported a suspicious package outside the mall that was on top of the garbage can. They cordoned off the whole area, brought in the bomb robot and blew the package up. It wa a shoe box from the shoe store just inside the mall that had someone’s old shoes they threw away and the box didn’t fit in the hole. Seems like they could have saved some resources in both cases by having the bomb robot look inside the box before blowing it up and in the case near me they shattered doors and store glass over a suspicious shoe box with old shoes.

  6. … here’s the kicker – the PJ was covering ‘Le Bomb Squad’ when they blew up his gear 🙂 (Y) but the PJ’s insurance will cut a cheque for 1/2 value and reimburse the remainder when he can show receipts for the replacement gear…

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