I Smashed My Nikon D4 — Here’s What I Learned

25 thoughts on I Smashed My Nikon D4 — Here’s What I Learned

  1. Um, if the strap and its parts were not as advertised, i.e., not holding her gear securely, she should have had a paper trail of contact with the manufacturer reporting the issue, and their follow up, including a request for a swap for the new model when it came out. Without that follow up and by changing the hardware, they really aren’t responsible, IMHO.

  2. I love it how so many people are coming down on the insurance company for this. Perhaps they are unaware of how insurance actually works. If you make a claim or become a risk, how do you expect the insurance company to stay in business if they keep paying you money. It’s simple business folks.

  3. this is why I designed my own strap system that does not rely the tripod mount alone but uses it and one camera strap lug. Then if one gives out (which it NEVER has) the camera will not crash to the ground as it’s still held by the second strap.

  4. Nikon has 2 tiers for their repairs. Not one would be this much haha. I dropped and destroyed my D2Xs when it was a current model, with my 70-200 on it, cost me around 500ish to completely redo and fix.

  5. I can give you a better idea , just buy yourself a Canon from the ” 1D ” series. 🙂 You will deffinetly enjoy it ! And you can drop it from the 5th floor. It will work perfect . Canon ! The cockroaches of dslr’s

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