Nifty Fifties – Why I Love 50mm Prime Lenses

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Why every photographer really should consider a 50mm prime

Nifty Fifties – Why I Love 50mm Prime Lenses

Understanding Lenses: Part II, and is part of a series of lessons about camera lenses. Links to the others are at the bottom of the article. Before zoom lenses became the norm most cameras came with a 50mm lens as standard. Since then, the humble 50mm prime has fallen somewhat out of favour. Which i…

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15 thoughts on Nifty Fifties – Why I Love 50mm Prime Lenses

  1. When people stop calling 50mm lenses nifty fifties I might just consider buying one. The only people who call a 50mm lens a nifty fifty is some dweeb who just bought a camera with interchangeable lenses and wish to appear to be member of the knowing elite, when in fact they sound like twats who have just learned a new word.

  2. I use a Praktica Pentacon 50mm f1.8 Manual 40 year old East Germany (DDR) lens with a newer Canon 80D digital SLR. The mount is MM2 which is easily adaptable to both Canon and Nikon mounts. The quality of this lens is actually pretty good. It is solidly built, focuses smooth and the Image quality is very decent. You can probably buy one for $50 and a mm2 adapter costs about $10 but it is fully manual and while the bokeh/background blur isn’t the same as a modern 50mm its still really good and it focuses about 1 foot away from the subject!

  3. I took this lens along with six other lens to my daughter’s wedding country celebration.
    We got there late and darkness came quick.
    This lens was my best lens for the low light around the fire pit and lanterns.
    This lens saved the day and I got some very special pictures with it.
    Now to download into Lightroom.

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