Photographers Angry with Nat Geo for Posting Train Track Photo

23 thoughts on Photographers Angry with Nat Geo for Posting Train Track Photo

  1. Come on petapixel, “Train track photography is incredibly dangerous”??? For real??? If there are human beings that don’t understand their environment and what they’re doing, then so be it. What about photos of swimming, skiing, biking and all those extreme and incredibly dangerous activities? Are those photos allowed? Have you heard about something called natural selection 😉

  2. How about the photographer discloses whether or not the track is active. Those of us in our right minds would use inactive or abandoned lines for this. Im ok with those lines. Highly against active lines. If someone asks me for track photos, I have and know of inactive lines. If they want something on an active line, I tell them no.

  3. I’ma bout sick of hearing about photographers getting upset about TTs!! Sorry but every time someone posts a photo they freak out…a lot of the times they are actually inactive tracks….sick of it!!!!

  4. I’m sorry but if you’re taking photographs on train tracks & you’re hit & killed by a train, you should earn the Darwin Award of the year. You’d have to be flat out ignorant to not realize when a train is coming.

  5. Beyond the fact that it’s dangerous and illegal, I shake my head every time I see a train track photo because it is SO DONE. Seriously. How many freaking track portraits are there? It’s passé. A photographer is supposed to be creative. Do something else, for Pete’s sake.

    BTW, for those defending the photo:
    1. The tracks appear to be active. They are quite shiny.
    2. You think you can hear/see a train coming a mile away? Tell that to the dozens of dead people and the photographers who swore they couldn’t hear it coming and couldn’t see it around the curve.
    3. You think it’s on you if you take the risk? Tell that to the train engineer who is dealing with a life of trauma after being unable to brake in time, or the track employees and paramedics who have to scrape the person off the tracks, or the family left behind.

    Once again, it’s overdone, it’s illegal, and as a creative artist you should expect more of yourself.

  6. I’m sorry but if your children reach puberty(or adulthood) thinking that hanging out on active tracks is a good idea then you have FAILED MISERABLY as a parent and for the good of the species darwin may need to take action…Closed and disused tracks are one thing…but never active ones…..

  7. whatever dudes and dudettes, its NAT GEO they are all powerful and go to Antarctica, War Zones, tops of mountains and in the face of all kinds of threat. I’m sure they can be safe taking a portrait on a train track…

  8. What the hell is wrong with it. There are millions of abandoned train tracks in the world. So many remote areas where trains pass through once in a week or month. People are dying of taking selfies, no body ever crying to ban. Safety is the first thing to consider for every job. If track is straight, model can see behind the photographer so vice versa, even having a third person to watch for should be ok.

  9. These responses seem more like a comment on the perceived lack of ability for people to determine what is safe an acceptable in their own lives these days. Yea, it’s a photo on train tracks. But if people are that easily influenced an unable to assess risk in their own environment, it speaks volumes of a larger underlying issue.

    Don’t take issue with Nat Geo, take issue with the standard of education.

  10. Photographers take all kinds of photos in every safe and dangerous walk of life there is. Know how we got photos from the front lines on Vietnam? Photographers. Know those 35 foot waves at the surf competitions in Hawaii? Photographers take pictures up close and personal. Shark week gets its footage from, you guessed it, cameramen and photographers… we lived in a town full of trains and even on active tracks, you can see and hear a train coming from Miles away. Just be safe about your own work and enjoy the photos someone else dared to take, I guess…

  11. Drinking water is incredibly dangerous. Do you even realize the mechanics involved with swallowing a simple drink of water? C’mon, many things photographers take photos of are dangerous and even illegal. If you don’t want to do those kinds of photos, then don’t do them. Pretty simple.

  12. Less time be angry about train tracks and more time being angry about companies hiring instagramers that shoot campaigns on roofs and other locations without permits.
    Hire a professional. Get the permits. Stop killing the industry.

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