Getting Great Light At Any Event

Get great light no matter where you are!

Getting Great Light At Any Event

Getting great light in an event setting whether inside or outside is a tough shoot. You have to understand exposure, people are moving sometimes erratically, ambient light is moving over your subjects randomly, and you still have to create sellable imagery. I photograph several nightclubs in Dallas,…

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4 thoughts on Getting Great Light At Any Event

  1. This article is literally zero help. It’s like saying take great pictures at any wedding then writing a huge list of stuff you need to do.
    If people want in depth tutorials they’ll buy a book or watch YouTube. I don’t know about anyone else but I want cool tips that can make a big difference but easy to execute.

  2. Just bounce flash on TTL, f5.6-7 slow shutter (1/5-1/10ish) with rear sync, iso500-1000. If there’s nowhere to bounce, use one of those fstopper flashdiscs with similar settings. You capture movement and ambient light but fix your subjects well because your settings allow for flex. You can move freely, using zones where you know the bounce will give you the conditions you want etc. No biggy and no need for losing expensive flashes or finding you’re in a place too dynamic to hang things from the ceiling.

  3. Would of liked to hear more about white balancing in these situations. I’m just starting out with off camera flashes. However, I’m finding mixed colour lighting using ambient light and gels on the flash a little confusing.
    Do I still set my white balance to the flash setting, or just dial in via trial and error?

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