Find Out How Long It Is Before Your Camera Will Die

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  1. Well that was a film camera and they didn’t use to be as expensive as their digital counterparts because you didn’t upgrade them every few years. It was like “when the shutter broke” not because “oh the EOS-3 has Eye AF. I gotta upgrade from my A2!”

  2. This is a strange sort of fear. Why be anxious that we live in a world where everything eventually dies? I’ve never had a camera that I used until it completely wore out. They always fell earlier, either due to obsolescence or abuse in the field.

    The closest thing I have to a camera that will die a quiet, natural death is my old Canon 1D Mk. II, which I still love, but the batteries are old and tired, and no longer in production. I’ve replaced them with the best used ones I can find, but the law of diminishing returns is in effect. I can still use the camera by plugging it directly into the wall, but its days in the field are over, and that’s sad.

    Similarly, the CCD sensors Leica used to use will eventually burn out and pass into history, which will also be sad, but that is a long way away. Yet, my Nikon F3 and my Kodak Brownie still work as good as new, even if I use them all much less than I used to.

    If you live in fear of your gear breaking, you are holding yourself back as a photographer. Bring a back up body when you shoot professionally. You’ll need it. But cameras are meant to be used. Don’t obsess over shutter counts. Use the camera, get the image, and then the price of eventually replacing your camera will be more than worth it when the time comes.

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