This is First Lady Melania Trump’s Official White House Portrait

25 thoughts on This is First Lady Melania Trump’s Official White House Portrait

  1. “Unfortunately, the portrait was released without any information about the photographer who captured it or the camera and lens used. A quick dive into the EXIF data reveals it was captured by Benoit Mahaux of Mahaux Photography, a Belgium-based photography studio; however, major publications are crediting Regine Mahaux, who has worked with the Trumps extensively in the past.”


  2. It’s marginally more tasteful than her Vanity Fair cover, but that’s not saying much. I’m surprised they didn’t just dump a pail of tacky gold paint over her head and call it good. Seems like that’s the go to move for this classless clan of garish clowns.

  3. I’m not a pro photographer. She looks blurry in areas, like Jcpenny Studio retouch. The pose and lack of smile make her look closed off for the position she holds. This may be better suited for a Ceo pic than first lady portrait. Bush’s and Obama’s portraits look more welcoming.

  4. Lousy lighting and soft focus? The pose and expression are good enough. It’s different, but seems to be lacking some technical details. The background is awful. Way too distracting.

  5. Melania Trump is beautiful already. What sort of amateur photographer thought, “Oh! I have the opportunity to shoot the official White House portrait of the First Lady! Let me airbrush her face til she looks radioactive!”

    Apparently, a Belgian one.

    Just look at the photos of Michelle Obama and Laura Bush for comparison. You see their laugh lines, wrinkles, and the fact that their skin isn’t 100% smooth.

    But this airbrush job looks like photos of myself from when I was 14, had a face full of acne, and had just got my hands on a copy of Corel PaintShop Pro.

  6. Lol at the liberals still crying. So theres a immigrant woman who is a minority and is now our 1st lady and they’re angry about it? NOW who is the bigoted, sexist hypocrite.

    Back to the photo, these Getty type photographers and their retouching annoy me. Its a pretty generic portrait, but she’ll have more to come.

  7. Meh… doesnt really do her justice. Im guessing the amount of retouching was asked of the client. I would find it hard to believe the photographer/retoucher would go that far on their own.

  8. I think she is very pretty therefore I don’t understand the need for the (overdone) airbrushing. I also think a different pose would be more appropriate for a Flotus. The pose does not “fit” her. I wonder if she had a choice or say in that matter. …

  9. I will say that I think the photo makes the subject look very strong. Unlike the previous 2, who had flowers in their background–this photo background could be interchanged with a man or a woman and I greatly respect that. It doesn’t force the First Lady into a feminine pose/portrait but rather places her as a strong business women. It is sort of refreshing in that way.

  10. Looks nice. A bit of airbrush, and although honest, that is a huge chunk of bling to be sporting… kind of eye catching. The pose is magazine cover worthy, but folded arms is considered not a warm or friendly pose.

  11. This is not a portrait, it’s a head shot. A corporate headshot. It reveals nothing about the person – well, let me take that back… its phony, plastic, and devoid of humanity so I guess in that way it describes Trump’s wife perfectly.

  12. I’m not a professional and looking at the portrait bears a striking similarity to a few European manager portraits although those are typically turning their shoulders a bit to break the confrontational poses.

    People say she’s been a model, fine, but she looks insecure in this pic and the excessive blush (retouch?) is in stark contrast to the more “modern” (geometric) background. I do like to color scheme, even if some highlights could liven up the lighting a bit.

    It appears that half of Americans will love it and the other half doesn’t like it no matter how it’s done. Sign of times.

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