Artist Shames Disrespectful Holocaust Memorial Tourists Using Photoshop

26 thoughts on Artist Shames Disrespectful Holocaust Memorial Tourists Using Photoshop

  1. Some pseudo-artists of the present day are imbeciles and ridiculous. In the eagerness to shock the world and get attention, they reach the nonsense high level.

    And some tourists are even more imbeciles.

    Obviously they are not tombs, they are hundreds of blocks of stone, with different heights, that simulate waves of the sea, but that represent the death of Jews. This monument has a strong meaning and should be respected. In addition, this monument is a beautiful work of art and, for this reason, it also deserves respect and reverence.

    I already visited this place and already knew the meaning of it. I was so impressed and sad that I was speechless, just contemplating … But now the tourists go there just to jump between the rocks, taking imbecilious selfies, without the least respect for art and much less for the history.

    We are living in the age of ignorance.

  2. One interpretation is that the artist is a douche himself. What a shame these people are enjoying their lives, perhaps in a place honoring their deceased forebears. He assumes the appropriate response to being in a monument to people who passed in a tragedy is solemnity or moroseness. Perhaps it is living vibrantly.

  3. Eisenman (the architect of the memorial) in Der Spiegel 2005: “People are going to picnic in the field. Children will play tag in the field. There will be fashion models modeling there and films will be shot there. I can easily imagine some spy shoot ’em ups ending in the field. What can I say? It’s not a sacred place.” And that’s exactly what people have been doing. That Shapiara fellow should take his cheap shaming game elsewhere, it’s dangerously bordering on libel IMO.

  4. My friend has emailed the “I am a douche” email address as he thinks one of his dead relatives is in one of these photos.

    It’s all pretty bad taste really when the original architect stated it was never a sacred space, and that he imagined people would make use of it for the purposes of photography.

  5. I understand people photoshop themselves to try and make a picture funny, but the setting sometimes can’t force that. Placing yourself in a bunch of graves is just too morbid and not laugh worthy.

  6. He is nothing more than a douche himself.. that’s all. And only one with disrespect. He can not realise that the memory lives through all the ppl who take photos there. Without the joy of life, freedom, maybe some craziness there will be no memory. Without them it would be sad, cold, concrete, terryfying… “something” where no1 want to spend time.

  7. There are many things to remember, too many. Also besides the memorials there are dramas without a sign. On every step you will definitely find a horrible occasion to be sad of. But you cannot shame people or judge them for being happy here and now! I hope the artist marks every step where people died because of war or hatred or discrimination and never forgets it on his own.

  8. What’s up with all the black bars? They aren’t on the original photos. You have defaced/disrespected artwork that was meant to highlight disrespectful behavior. How ironic is that? Show some cojones and lose the black bars!

  9. This isn’t art it’s making fun of the death of millions of Jews (and other minorities). He has people standing on corpses in some of the photos! I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

  10. Lighten up people. The fact that there is a memorial that is basically an artistic/architectural sculpture means this is a representation of the history as one person’s vision. And if it’s attractive, then it will be used as a backdrop for lighthearted pictures. Get over it.

  11. Shahak Shapira try another subject , jews: Lenin, Trotsky, Genrikh Yagoda,Beria etc. created gulags and killed 30 million people … would be a nice topic for artistic photos …that MEGA HOLOCAUST- HOLODOMOR !

  12. Why are you posting this for photography? Have you looked at his Facebook page? It talks about how big his genitals are! I document photography for a holocaust program for Chapman University. Post something respectful in regards to this part of history.

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