Photographer Gets Cyberbullied After Defending Photo Copyright

25 thoughts on Photographer Gets Cyberbullied After Defending Photo Copyright

  1. Either she was defending her copyright, or the person who posted it was not using it for commentary, critique, or parody (appropriate or not). Copyright does not include restricting fair use.

    No one’s reaction to her complaint was justified, but don’t go acting like any of her actions up to that point were anything more than naive. She’s a victim, not a martyr.

  2. I will say, I’m impressed with how gracefully she’s handled it (from what I saw on her page yesterday). She’s very young, like twenty or so, and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. It sucks some people get their kicks by knocking others down.

  3. Instagram is the Devil. Sell your soul for the free publicity it provides and suffer the consequences that also comes with it.
    I’m not saying what happened to her should have but it isn’t like this hasn’t happened before.

  4. Keep standing up for yourself Breana.
    This idiot is nothing more than a common cowardly thief who clearly thinks copyright laws don’t apply to him, and his followers nothing more than a bunch of imbeciles. If someone stole something of theirs, they would complain loudly and probably prosecute.

  5. I had similar happen to me when I demanded that someone that shared one of my photos either remove it or give me credit for my photo. Instead they removed my watermark and then began harassing me and ultimately blocked me. So I reported them and FB and IG removed the photo from their profile. They ended up posting it again and I report it every time I see them post it. It’s my artwork and the Copyright requires them to give me credit if they share my work.

    It’s crazy to me how many people stoop to calling you names and even saying horrible things about rape and molestation. That too was said to me when I requested the photo to be credited or removed. People are truly horrible! I can’t stand humans.

  6. The saddest part of this for me is that if she had been some hot instagram model of a photographer, professional or not, the thief would have been the one hammered by backlash.

  7. Aside from the the cyberbully, it also points out a flaw in FB Page reviews. 170+ gave 1 star rating but then after that over 2k people gave 5 star rating to help recover it? I’ve seen this sort of thing happen on another photographers page.. even mine I got some 1 star review from someone who’s not even in the same country as me and yet I cannot remove it or flag it as spam/unreal?

  8. You cant remove a copyrighted photo from a IG page. Its not for commercial use, publication etc. Photographers like this need to just wake up to the age of the internet. Just the reality of it. My photos get shared plenty and im done policing it. If its not for promotional commercial use, deal with it. The laws protect criminals, just look at the photographer who took screenshots of IG photos, printed them, and sold them for 200K. Know the laws.

  9. I got into it with somebody who was posting my photos on Twitter. They then set up a parody account in my name. Luckily they quit the shenanigans and I even provided photos (credited) for the feed.

  10. I could not even read many of those comments. They were more than disgusting. And they just kept on feeding off of each other. I feel so bad for her. It was nice to see how she handled herself, but the fact that she would even consider “doing something to [her]self” is completely upsetting.
    More power to her.

  11. Yiii! I had a very minor interaction this AM with a Yuba River flood photo, where I pointed out that the photo was from 1997, not current, I provided the link with photographers’ names, and was blocked for my efforts… but this behavior is obscene.

  12. This is why it needs to COST MONEY to be in business. Whether through licensing, paying for a page, regulatory groups, etc. Personal investment cost beyond a camera and a laptop is one of the best qualifiers to establish value in the industry. What respectable business would themselves or let their customers engage in “cyber bullying”? Or what respectable business would engage in their practice without a policy for personal protection?

  13. My first question when I read this was did she complain to Facebook about all the people being offensive and Instagram for the conduct of the photo-stealer? These days it’s not difficult to get a take-down if someone’s being an idiot online.

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