My Journey in Switching to Mirrorless as a Photojournalist

25 thoughts on My Journey in Switching to Mirrorless as a Photojournalist

  1. Can we all just for a moment talk about Fuji for a moment?… like seriously so much applause and respect to this company. Absolutely at awe with what they’ve been producing. It’s in no doubt in the next coming years that they will unavoidably be the leading brands for the consumer and pro gears. They just listen to the community, and that is important for any advancing company.

  2. another ‘one man’s opinion on gear’ article…

    I get it, but if Steve McCurry switched to Mirrorless, I still wouldn’t care. One person’s reason for doing something doesn’t validate it, regardless of how many likes their images can get on social media.

  3. I just want to say. I too switched to mirrorless. They are cheaper lighter and the quality is just as good as most dslrs. However.. I gotta say more than anything else.. it’s the Indian, not the arrow, chief..

  4. One important thing when reading opinions like this is to also look at the quality and style of the author’s work through the portfolio links .
    It is a big factor in determining the relevance of the article to yourself .

  5. This is the exact same narrative from 12 or 14 years ago when people were proclaiming they were switching from film to DSLRs for for the first time

    Let’s talk less about how, and more about the images being captured.

  6. Most photographers I know have both. The DSLR for pro work and mirrorless for play and street photography. A mirrorless can have amazing image quality but the body isn’t designed for pro use

  7. I think we’re beyond a stage where accepting mirrorless cameras as mainstream may have been considered taboo. Plus older journalists can definitely benefit from this switch due to the weight factor. However each time I see an article like this, it seems as though the underlying agenda is to say that DSLRs are old school or on their way out which I personally feel is far from reality. Trey Ratcliff said this a handful of years ago but DSLRs are still here and are only getting better in specs

    I wouldn’t be surprised if 5 years down the line we see articles about the same journalists switching to camera phones

    People have a choice to switch and to even switch back, but let’s get rid of the subtext of all such similar articles which seems to indicate that DSLRs are outdated and out of the times

  8. Am I the only one wondering whether Petapixel’s articles are bad or there’s some really strong atmosphere of negativity in the followers/commenters? Just look at all the comments to all PPs shared posts.

  9. i think the biggest irony here is there are so many career photographers wasting their valuable time commenting about their opinions instead of working and making money…the industry has changed. better accept it.

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