Dear Instagram, It’s Time for a Regram Button

22 thoughts on Dear Instagram, It’s Time for a Regram Button

  1. How could anyone be opposed to this? Reposting already happens, and lots of real problems could be solved with native support from the app. My photos look abysmal when they get reposted by hub accounts, and the visibility of my username varies widely. Sometimes attribution gets buried under “see more”, and thousands of likes turn into just a handful of clickthroughs to my account.

  2. Users are too lazy to follow through the picture and then click on follow, this is a must. Who cares if it turns into a Tumblr? We post content, not consume it.

    As for easiness of selecting hashtags and not repeating anything, in my 5 minutes of procrastination coded something that helps me compose my descriptions:

  3. My only question is are any of you “pro” photographers making any money off your images by posting to Instagram? Or are you just hoping to? If not, imho it’s a big waste of time and effort.

  4. I’m actually somewhat shocked to read this on a photography blog.
    Instagram used to be a platform for original photo content, at that time mostly smartphone photos and everyday moments.

    It’s been turning into a mixture of 500px (just regular photo community where people upload their SLR shots), now this would just turn it into another tumblr where people can share other people’s content.

  5. I’d definitely rather have native “re-gramming” than people reposting. Remember how twitter did it for a while with quotes and tagging, much of the viral nature of the content got lost over many accounts.

    Tracking it back to the original is more important.

  6. Everybody is whining about this not being a good thing and I just don’t get the logic.
    People grab and repost my stuff pretty often without permission. A Regram function if done right would be like dropping your work in someone else’s feed with full credit and a link back to you. How could that be a bad thing?

  7. I like his description on how it works, that would be nice.

    I had an image re-shared across the US Department of the Interior’s social network. I was honored and liked seeing something I did get over 20k likes. But other than about 20 extra likes and 3 new follows it did nothing for my personal “brand”.

    With the way traffic boosts how your images are promoted those 20k legit likes could really have provided good traffic to the content creator.

  8. The reblog button on Tumblr is what turned me off from publishing on it. I don’t like the fact that some big popular profiles could share without asking and enjoy the buzz more than I would. Nope.

  9. All these comments about “no, i only want to see original content” don’t seem to acknowledge a couple things:

    1. You only see stuff posted by people you follow. None of that would change.

    2. You can unfollow anyone you want.

    3. If they implemented a regram feature, the same accounts, would just have a better way to share the work of the real creators they follow, but now it would directly insert the original image made by the the creator instead of a screenshot which isn’t connected.

    In other words, it won’t change the actual number of, or content of the images that “curators” share.

  10. How about Instagram get back to putting posts in chronological hence the name instagram aka instant gram, or atlas give us the option. I missed out on a zine from a very good photographer this weekend as his post showed up on my feed like it was new and when i looked at when he posted it it said 22 hours ago.

  11. I wish that Instagram was only original content and not just reposted or stock photos for a “pretty feed”. It’s not authentic and it’s becoming a gross mixture of Tumblr and Facebook.

  12. I wouldn’t like a repost option. Maybe a promote page or post option on story, but I don’t think someone’s gallery should be made up of others content. Everyone’s page should be their own original content. I don’t see it as a blogging app it’s for applying filters and sharing your photos.

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