Renowned Photojournalist David Burnett Announces Move to Sony Gear After 50 Years of Using Canon

23 thoughts on Renowned Photojournalist David Burnett Announces Move to Sony Gear After 50 Years of Using Canon

  1. This is such an interesting time. In 2009 when the 5D2 came out I really thought Canon was pledging to stay on the cutting edge, but less than a decade later I find the D850 and the A7RIII to be phenomenally better than the 5D4 in many different ways.

    To those who say, “WHO CARES?!”… All of the switching is indicative of the huge leap in camera technology we are facing right now. I rented the D850 and did things in low light I didn’t think should be possible.

  2. To all the Sony haters… Do you really think a photographer of this category would switch brands (even if they paid him for it) and put his reputation on the line if the cameras were not up to the task? think about it… he’s not stupid. And Sony is doing a great job.

  3. For the past 50 years he tried very hard to take innovative photographs with his Canon but the camera failed, so he’s moving to a innovative camera manufacturer to take innovative photographs without using his brain…..LOL

  4. I’ve been canon user for 10 years and thinking about moving over to Sony for a while now. Yeah, a few years ago you asked what DSLR get for work and you heard Canon. Now all I hear is that Canon has fallen behind with their outdated cameras .

  5. At last, all I see is a disapointed canon user whos loyality is gone because Canon did not invest in new chipset but calling up prices like Nikon which cameras are now ways ahead. Bought the Mk IV and expected something else but now I should have bought 2 MkIII wich would do the same Job as well. if the service also will went down the hill there is no last reason to stay with Canon for me any longer.

  6. What in the heck is Canon waiting for?? They already have amazing dual pixel technology for autofocus, yet there’s no professional mirrorless camera in sight?? Makes no sense.

  7. Some brands are waiting to come out with a mirrorless system to not put their reputation at stake. In terms of reliability. Sony is making a different market for themselves to dominate because they can t compete with Nikon and Canon on the pro market.

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