New Gear: Olympus TG-Tracker Action Camera

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  1. Hi Morten

    There is no specific conversion software made available by Olympus for the .sns and .log files created by the TG-Tracker.
    The only way currently to use the logged data generated by the TG-Tracker is via the OI.Track app.

    From what I can make out, the Dashware software is owned by GoPro, so it will be unlikely they would allow a competitor model to work seamlessly with this software.
    It is possible that there may be some other way to map the TG-Tracker files to work with Dashware (as it does allow profile building from CSV files like that generated by the TG-Tracker), however it is again unlikely that this would be officially supported by either Dashware or Olympus.

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    Subject: Repairs
    Message: Hi, I have recorded some movies with my new TG-Tracker and now I want to make use og the GPS information etc and overlay it on the videos so i can show speed acceleration etc. It seems the Olympus software cant to that so im using Dashware, but the Olympus format is not supported. please see the supported formats in this link My question is if you can let me know if TG-Tracker shares data format with one from the list or if there is a way to convert the TG format to e.g. TCX or GPX format please? im sure lots of customers want to make use of all the cool data collected thanks a lot Receive newsletter/promotion:
    Alternative please explain the details of the .sns and .log files created by the TG-Tracker

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