Vandals Caught on Camera Destroying Iconic ‘Duckbill’ Rock in Oregon

25 thoughts on Vandals Caught on Camera Destroying Iconic ‘Duckbill’ Rock in Oregon

  1. First ; They should not have done this and need to be reprimanded and shamed. SECOND : This rock would have fallen over within months from now with the first big storm! Or worse, would have fallen over while some people stand on top of it, hurting or killing them. Let’s not all go “american style dramaqueen” on this and realize there’s two sides to this coin. Misbehavior and stupidity, as well as a clear signal that this rock was DANGEROUS and about the fall over any moment. If a few kids could do it, the forces of waves or wind would have equally done it within a very short timespan. Now stop whining please. I’ve tried pushing (non-iconic, in remote areas) rocks when I was a teenager and never succeeded – they were too massive, too solid. This rock is obviously, despite it’s looks, extremely fragile and dangerous. People shouldn’t be able to get close. Period.

  2. This is the same type of person who set fire to the iconic ship wreck in the Point Reyes area to do some night photography or the person near my house who hopped over the caution tape and walked past the “Park Closed” signs then hopped over the barriers inside the park to try to climb down a steep cliff to get to a no access closed beach and then got stuck costing taxpayers many thousands of dollars to be rescued. People are so inconsiderate and selfish sometimes.

  3. If you’re asking why people are climbing and touching something roped off, the reason is simple. People like to do things they’re told not to do. I work in a museum where I constantly have to tell people not to touch a replica giant sloth skeleton that has posted on all three sides “Do not touch.”

  4. Yeah, really doesn’t help the cause posting shots of people climbing all over it, considering that’s probably exactly what this group of peoples’ friend was doing when he supposedly broke his leg.

    Really people, how hard is it NOT to climb on things that are roped off specifically to keep you from doing that?

  5. I’ve seen many photos showing people standing on that rock and this incident could been happen before! I feel angry because these immature guys did to this formation, obviously they did it on purpose and need to pay for it, but what would be the scenario of people getting to the top and make the rock down? Should they call it an unforeseen accident?

  6. Does our nation really have to educate people that they arent to “protect” everyone from our natural wonders? What is wrong with our nations IQ challenged? We have some really stupid people and these idiots need to go to jail for awhile so people again understand that vandalism, especially of natural wonders, will not be tolerated. Morons.’

  7. So, the so called ” brilliant ” park officers said that they don’t believe that people brought down that rock huh?..another clear example of just how stupid and uneducated “some” (not all) law enforcement officials can be.

  8. Punishment will be minimal, more like slap on the wrist type. I wish these scumbags were committing crimes in Singapore so that they can get their butt whipped with no mercy.

  9. There is never a reason to condone vandalism. So are people really saying that some degrees of vandalism are acceptable and appropriate. I THINK NOT.
    Old headstones vandalism is ok because they were going to fall any way and might have fallen on a baby. Who in there right mind this this way? NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!

  10. If these guys like breaking rocks so much perhaps we might find them a chain gang where they could be put to work. Could we get those nice striped prisoner suits too? Jerks!

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