Brides Magazine: “only choose photographers with ‘full format’ Nikon or Canon cameras”

Brides magazine never ceases to surprise us. What are your thoughts on this?

Brides Magazine: “only choose photographers with ‘full format’ Nikon or Canon cameras”

Brides Magazine is all about weddings, yet they don’t really seem to like wedding photographers. After they advised the brides not to feed their photographers, now they have another “ingenious” piece of advice. They say you should hire a professional photographer, but they consider pros only …

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26 thoughts on Brides Magazine: “only choose photographers with ‘full format’ Nikon or Canon cameras”

  1. The camera need only be reliable. I’d be more likely to ask if the photographer had a reliable 2nd camera in his bag just in case. I shoot full frame but it’s my choice. Big guy, big hands, big camera. I feel like I’m holding a toy when I handle a mirrorless, despite the fact it may well be a superior choice. To each their own, and yes, focus on the portfolio, and personality, and toss the magazine in the trash.

  2. Choose a photographer who can take decent photos.
    The amount of hacks out there with money to simply buy a full format is astounding, and having a full format doesn’t make a photographer good.

  3. Choose a photographer because you like their portfolio. It doesn’t matter which brand camera they use or if they shoot digital or analog. It’s their style that matters not the equipment they use. Sure a full frame camera has more resolution but my Hasselblad 500 C/M has more resolution than any full frame DSLR today on the market.

  4. When will people learn the equipment doesn’t make the photographer!? It’s all about the final product. They need to be concerned with the portfolio, not the equipment.

  5. Looks like they’ve changed the article now. But still advising we should be using the most readily available professional camera. Obviously the most readily available camera is the one in my camera bag. Fecking numpties.

  6. Some bimbos just don’t know better, or have more brain cells than a cow’s arse for that matter…

    I’d say it’s time that photographers start writing what catering or dresses to wear for your wedding…

  7. I think it’s bollocks, the latest Pentax is brilliant! I’ve started using it for both event and wildlife, video on it is ace too, if needed, however generally use dedicated video cameras for anything like that. And canon are on there way out if they don’t step up to the new Sony!

    What this is is just typical camera snobbery, “has to be Nikon has to be cannon” load of rubbish!! People who talk like that as far as I’m concerned haven’t a clue what they’re on about and haven’t had enough experience with different cameras and formats to warrant those words, period!

    I’ve seen national geographic documentaries, award winning, filmed with an iPhone 6 because equipment got broken, I’ve shot some of my best wildlife shots with a tiny pocket zoom cam, and my fathers wedding pics are beautiful and superb and shot with a Pentax Kr. I’ve got a long list of great work I’ve done my self or projects I’ve worked on with other people that have been done with everything but a Cannon or a Nikon!! Absolute utter tripe this article impressing on people that it can’t be done without a full frame cannon or Nikon, total rubbish!!

    At the end of the day it’s the person behind the camera that provides and produce the art, not the camera. And to get produce good quality you certainly do not need Cannon or Nikon and have those two as the be all and end all! Utter nonsense!

  8. I love my Olympus mirrorless for weddings it has a true silent mode so no loud “CLICK CLICK” during intimate moments. My full frame is my second backup. I leave it in my trunk, it’s too damn heavy.

  9. The article was edited on the 23rd. It doesn’t say this any more. It just says to check that the photog is using pro gear.

    Put the Kraken back. Turn off the alarms. Call off the national guard.

  10. I’ve used full frame and it’s bloody heavy, and takes up tons of memory. Overrated for wedding photography. I’ve also heard actual professional photographers say you can “only use Nikon” professionally. What crap! I’m sticking with my entry level canon thanks. Lenses are more important than the body anyway.

  11. Ask your real estate agent what kind of computer they are using. They should say Appel or Samsung, but there are both professional and amateur level machines made by both manufacturers.

  12. Any photographer who is not using a camera with at least a digital zoom of 300 and a megapixel of at least 20 is clearly not really a professional. Hey, even my iPhone is 12 mega pixels!! That’s only 8 less than a professional camera!

  13. I’ve watched many photographers YouTube videos lugging around the latest full frame because they think it’s mandatory to do so and they look like they are out of their leauge. . I’m a rock climbing photographer with a Nikon d7100 and have had many photos published in outdoor magazines. .

  14. That is the most idiotic advice I have ever heard of. I have seen better results using a mobile phone camera from guests than from the “official” wedding photographer. As more than a few here have said, look at the portfolio and not the equipment.

  15. I’m sorry but this article is completely ridiculous. I shoot on Fujifilm cameras and get amazing results! Whoever wrote this was a Canon and Nikon fanboy probably. The sharpness and the quality of mirrorless is far superior than full frame.

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