HANGIE is a Minimalist Wall Mount for Displaying Cameras

25 thoughts on HANGIE is a Minimalist Wall Mount for Displaying Cameras

  1. Or a 80 cent bracket from home depot that you could also actually screw the camera into place with so it doesn’t fall? And who the hell does this in the first place?

  2. I have to wonder why some of you people even subscribe to this page. Everything I have seen them post is derided by those who know just about everything and are so immersed in snark they can’t write any other way. PetaPixel didn’t say you had to have this item. There are some people that may want it. If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t. Good lord. If you don’t like something nobody says you have to comment on it. I thought I was a negative person. Some of you are professionals at it. And, no, I have NO affiliation with PetaPixel any more than joining it’s page. I’m a truck driver in the NW.

  3. I hang mine on my body harness because while your hair spraying your man bun and rolling up your jeans to look like capris, some of us are actually producing bodies of work for actual money.

  4. I heard that there’s an option where you can order the mount for say a canon 6d and purchase an additional 6d at the same time. That way you can still shoot while having the other camera hanging on the wall.

  5. I call mine a shelf.. it’s a piece of wood that sits flat and I set my gear on it, Remarkable invention.. as for the dust.. seriously? Do you guys even use your cameras outside.. dust happens. Also I’ll add if your camera is sitting on a shelf for long enough to collect dust you should just sell it and get a gopro.

  6. My first thought is, I live in southern California. What’s the Richter Scale rating of this item? SO — I actually looked at the page, and found it DOES come with a tripod screw mount to hold it on from below. So, cool!

  7. Geeze some people are so cynical. I bet you’re fun at parties. I shoot and collect camera, get off your high horse, these are neat if you don’t like them don’t but them, simple as that.

  8. Wow, reading these comments make me HATE being interested in photography from all the hate. I would love to display my camera’s this way, but with a quick release on them to use them without unscrewing them every time.. YES I like to display my old film camera’s, YES I use said camera’s, but I can’t use 15-20 camera’s at once so it’s nice to display the ones that aren’t currently in my bag. I think this is a cool thing but I’m fairly certain it could be done cheaper.

  9. Sorry but this is a bit late for April fools, $21 to use an American saying “are you shiting me” if I owned a smart camera collection I would keep them in a dust free display cabinet on a sturdy shelf. LMAO.

  10. The product here is super overpriced- as others have said, a hardware store bracket will do the job cheaply.
    However, does no one collect old camera bodies from yardsales for $5 each? I do. I’d like to make a revolving display of old cameras, primarily non-working ones. Not sure why a concept like this is so difficult to grasp here. It’s not like I would display my 6D and 100mm lens with this…

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