First Photo and Specs for the Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked

24 thoughts on First Photo and Specs for the Canon 5D Mark IV Leaked

  1. Give me a MKIII with a few extra MP, better DR & better high ISO & I’d call the MKIV a winner. Piss off 4K & touch screen. If they end up going with CFast I’m going to flip.

  2. Far from interesting. In typical Canon fashion, they will release a new model that grossly underwhelms, underperforms, but some how justifies a massive price increase over the previous model, which was barely an upgrade to begin with. Here’s hoping Canon finally figured out how to eliminate banding and enhance dynamic range.

  3. I can’t believe canon are stupid, and i’m sure they have asked lots of current mark iii users what they want. 30mp with better noise handling and dynamic range, and improved autofocus is what we want, so I think that is what they will deliver!
    Wi fi, touch screen, 4k video is all just nonsense to tempt photography geeks, and so long as I can turn them off no worries. I’ll buy one.

  4. I’d take 2 SD slots instead of having CF at all… Better DR…. Few more MP… Better ISO… Flip out screen. Basically, give me a Nikon D750 that so many of my friends are using and I would be too, if not for $$$$ of Canon lenses… And make it Canon.

  5. 4k at only 24 fps is crappy considering 4k is viewed on tvs and monitors. How many videographers are going to have their videos played in movie theaters? I might upgrade to a III for the ISO and dr improvement, but the IV hasn’t shown enough to impress me out of an extra thousand bucks.

  6. I can’t stand this double-speak where comercial product information is “leaked”. It’s not a leak if it can act as promotional information. This is stupid.

  7. Reading the comments on Petapixels Canon posts is always a joy 😀
    In the year 2030, on the MkX release: “Only 30 ev dr?! Only 250MP sensor?! I’m finally switching to Sony, and never looking back!!”

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