How I Shoot Pro Portraits with DIY Barn Doors

24 thoughts on How I Shoot Pro Portraits with DIY Barn Doors

  1. And I was like, “wait a second, I know these guys in the picture, but I don’t like rap at all.” And then ‘First & Last’ startet to play in my iTunes shuffle playlist – ah, now I got it!

  2. “barn doors”, in fact what’s creating this effect is something similar to a snoot. And what do cinematographers call a diy snoot? Masking with cinefoil. Cinefoil can do wonders just like gaffers tape.

  3. I really like the final “main” image. Well done, kudos especially for achieving it with limited resources. However… DIY light modifiers are nothing new, and nothing impressive anymore. David Hobby “The Strobist” have been teaching about them and encouraging people to use then through his blog since 2006.

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