PSA: Don’t Fall Off a Cliff When Trying to Take a Photo

11 thoughts on PSA: Don’t Fall Off a Cliff When Trying to Take a Photo

  1. Well – then you, and other popular photography pages should seriously stop featuring those neck-breaking photos people are trying to get, because someone made it very popular.. !
    Of cause the youth is trying to get it, when high end photo sites feature it.

  2. Hahahahahaha, look at this liberal knob Ker Freemont replying to my comment!. Facts are, stupid is what stupid does, don’t grab hold of a red hot poker if you are’nt expecting to not burn your hand!!!!

  3. It happens. I once walked into a fire ant mound while taking photos. They weren’t happy and neither was I. Watch sporting events and you’re almost certain to see a photographer get smacked at some point.

    That said, there’s a difference, I think, between such “mental lapses,” and what happens if a photographer climbs over a guard rail or into a dangerous location.

    Then again, photojournalists go to war.

    You just have to pay attention to your surroundings – and not get tunnel vision on your subject.

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