Why 40mm Is the Perfect Lens Focal Length

22 thoughts on Why 40mm Is the Perfect Lens Focal Length

  1. One would not make a video explaining the single perfect photon-wavelength. Likewise I would not consider any of my (only) 28mm, 50mm and 150mm macro (on FF) lenses perfect; they are just capturing different angles for different situations and cropping gives me leeway when necessary. It’s just-a-focal-length, dammit.

  2. I used to own one but I eventually sold it, it can be a useful focal length. I guess I hadn’t played enough with it before selling it.
    My impression is that anyone should use one particular lens and, in photographic terms, try to do their best with it….if after maximising the experience with it and still doesn’t meet your needs then considering another lens is ideal.
    That lens wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I would’ve liked it to be though. That’s why I’m a bit reluctant to follow these guys recommending you things when they’ve got a plethora of gear to try and most of the time for free…this guy is a showman, I personally never took to his style…but that’s my opinion…for others he could be a top-notch gear reviewer!

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