NASA Rocket Test Shot with Incredible New HDR High Speed Camera

25 thoughts on NASA Rocket Test Shot with Incredible New HDR High Speed Camera

  1. Seeing the vortices inside the plume was mesmerizing. For me, it was like seeing the surface of the sun in x-ray footage from the GOES SXI satellite. Awesome is a word that gets used so often it has become almost meaningless. But THIS – this was awesome – as in completely awe inspiring – to me.

  2. I would love to stand besides the exhaust just enough to be safe, wearing 10stop ND sunglasses, and ear plugs, just to get an experience, of what mankind has created.

  3. Where I work we have a really nice high speed camera, but it’s a few years old now. And since we’re a combustion lab, we have occasion to photograph (much smaller) light off tests. Our largest light-off to date had only a burn rate of just 700 pounds of diesel fuel per hour. That makes for a tongue of sun-bright orange flame two feet in diameter and six feet long. So piddly by comparison. But even so, still there’s always an annoyance from transition between the different brightness exposures. Hard to catch the light-off itself. Big blur just then. Wonder’s if there’s room in next year’s budget for one of these?

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