Robbed Olympics Photographer Spots Thief Posing as Him in Venue

25 thoughts on Robbed Olympics Photographer Spots Thief Posing as Him in Venue

  1. Rio a city with millions of dirt poor people, hosts the Olympic$. People are surprised folks with tens of thousands of dollars in gear are being robbed? Cognitive dissonance as usual…

  2. These gangs are famous here in Brazil, they act in every freaking edition of SPFW breaking organization and security in pieces (when there are no securities involved). And indeed, they got inside without credentials. The times I’m ashamed to be brazilian…

  3. Thrilled he got (edited: some) of his gear back! But I have to ask – how bad are things in Rio that someone would want to impersonate a photojournalist? 😉

  4. If you watch the video (when his bag is being stolen), the blonde woman in red is pretty much looking right at the guy trying to take the bag and she does nothing !..or else she’s just to stupid not to notice ?? How can someone be that dumb and not notice this when 6 feet away ?

  5. The security at these games frightens me. Why were the spectators allowed to run along the road during the cycle road race? Running backwards with their phone in the air….an accident waiting to happen.

  6. The scary part is this guy got passed security without a credential.

    ETA: I went back a read a couple articles and it seem Brett noticed this guy wearing the vest while in the security line.

  7. While it’s a great amount of schadenfreude I’m enjoying right now, it doesn’t say too much about the security effectiveness at the Olympic Games. If he hadn’t spotted his own vest, in a sea of thousands of others, he would have had a free pass the entire time.

  8. Pickpockets are everywhere. Try to keep your camera bag unattended in a Parisian cafe, a train station in Rome or any major event around the world. Photographers are stollen even in weddings they cover!

  9. If there was one thing I did while in Rio was never ever take my hands off my valuables and never put my valuables behind me. Tough lesson for this guy. Hope he gets that equipment back but likely its long gone.

  10. This happens everywhere. We have to be extra vigilant. It’s our kit in any case. Of course, I have no sympathy for the thief though. I have gone through this… Year’s back someone stole my camera too..

  11. Guessing its not his first rodeo, since that trio of thieves really knew what they were doing. But he turns out not to be the sharpest pencil in the box & that’s a good thing.

  12. The guy is from Ecuador. The Br Police acts all confused during the confrontation. He does look a lot like one of the 3 thieves on the video (even carrying the same kind of bag). What a scary situation having him walking freely in the press arena like this.

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