How I Post-Process Hard Light and Overwhelming Tones

24 thoughts on How I Post-Process Hard Light and Overwhelming Tones

  1. Oh my god… So. Many. Critics. And. Haters.

    ALRIGHT, we get it… We all know these images can be achieved without post editing… Stop gloating and pretending you’re the best photographers out there. Sheesh. All that matters is the image in the end.

    Besides, this photographer is out experimenting with what he thinks are his weak spots, what have you done lately to improve yourselves?

  2. I loved how he explained how to get those results, what is very good to know better the lightroom function tools and how they work but honestly, the way he edited the pictures was very bad. He killed all the details from the background and the models were too brightened. I still prefer the original images.

  3. I love all the haters. If they actually had to make a living with their cameras they might understand the value of getting the photos that make the client happy even when the shooting situation is less than ideal….but then again they probably think every shoot is about them and that they are rockstar photogs….

  4. Great post. Ben has a huge heart for promoting a generous, kind, and supportive photographer community. I love the way he edits. The brightness and “washed out” look is what companies want today. People want to see bright, clean images with a focus on the mood of the image. Ben knows how to achieve the desired mood of an image which is why he makes a living off this stuff. All photographers here should read his “photographers manifesto”. It’s a great read about being a community of supporting photographers.

  5. After adjustments, the woman is perfect. However, the background is too washed out. A quick selection tool in Photoshop could have isolated the required adjustments to just the woman. The adjuster may have wanted the background washed out to make the woman pop out. Every single person has a different set of priorities for art. The original image certainly needs changing. It’s up to each of us to make the changes we like. I think the modified woman would look better on the original background with some contrast boost.

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