Your Photos Could Be Illegally for Sale on Amazon

17 thoughts on Your Photos Could Be Illegally for Sale on Amazon

  1. I have had tons of my photo’s and designs stolen from Zazzle and put on Amazon products. A majority of these are sellers from China. I am spending more time now sending Amazon take down notices than designing or taking photo’s! It is horrible. I alone have reported 1000’s of products on Amazon – some I have had to send in as many as 4 times before they are removed. Something needs to be done or I hope some will start considering a class action lawsuit against Amazon. This is costing me lost sales as well as lost time(lost of it).

  2. Stolen photos can be found on Pinterest and on Tumblr too. I often notice 500px and other photo sharing sites’ photos on them (shared with these sites’ watermarks often)…

  3. I wonder if the site that gives away the photos is a dummy site set up by the people that are selling the photos and claiming they thought it was public domain.

  4. Check Pinterest as well for your photos. Photos are pinned there all the time without permission or links and compete directly against the original photos. Pinterest stores the photos even after the original photos are removed from the sources.

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