Rumor: Canon 5D Mark IV to Use 30MP Sensor

25 thoughts on Rumor: Canon 5D Mark IV to Use 30MP Sensor

  1. Cannot afford to buy their equipment anymore. Their equipment is only directed at rich retirees and people with 6 figure incomes from other careers, and NOT actual photographers. Canon #fail

  2. I’m cool with a little MP bump, but I’m more concerned on it’s addressing of other brand’s sensor characteristics such as dynamic range and ISO capabilities

  3. impossible.. they can’t make it that huge yet.. it should not be more than 25-26 at max. 5DSR has 50 thats enough. why would they bring in another to compete with it ? Lame Rumor.. come up with something more realistic please.. The ISO performance will b great no doubt. so will b the video, i’m looking at wifi, 180 screen, AF points focus improvement..

  4. I hope this is true! I’m about sell off my canon arsenal because I’m so so disappointed with the lack of innovation and listening to their customer base. I’m really loving the Fuji system right now!

  5. The specs just don’t seem like a decade’s worth of advancement from the Mk II. If Sony or Nikon had a lens as nice as the 85 f/1.2 L I’d bail in a heartbeat.

  6. 30 megapixels is more than 20 megapixels and less than 40 megapixels, it is exactly 30 megapixels, no more, no less, it is very important information, it changes the world as we know it

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