These Sample Photos Show the Bokeh Powers of the Nikon 105mm f/1.4

23 thoughts on These Sample Photos Show the Bokeh Powers of the Nikon 105mm f/1.4

  1. For real!? You can achieve this kind of look by using cheapo 70-200 f4 glass or whatever that 100mm-ish
    With that compression on the background, it easily to get that bokeh.

    Doing photography logic nowadays is screwed up, It’s all bout bokeh and unnecessary minor stuff. WTH!?

  2. Seriously? Can someone please explain why this lens is so expensive? Like, no, really I want to understand why it costs $2k? I’ll agree it’s a great lens, but $2k? That’s super pricey.

  3. Something doesn’t add up in my amateur photography mind. I could be wrong but doesn’t a standard $200 prime lens achieve the same portrait depth of field? What makes this $2000 plus lens so expensive?

  4. There is really nothing to see here. There are loads of old legacy glass that can do the same sort of bokeh for a fraction of the price, and some even have more aperture blades, for instance the Rollei (Zeiss) Planar, the Helios 44 (a Zeiss Biotar clone), the Meyer/Pentacon Lydith and the Meyer/Pentacon ‘bokeh monster’ 135mm f2.8.
    You could have all those and change from $2k

  5. So much hate on every Petapixel post, why not let the people who want this lens enjoy it and be happy about it, while those who don’t simply not bag Nikon or the people who are interested in it?

  6. Lovely lens and effect. No effect should be overdone but it’s a very nice addition to a good photographers range of choices. From my perspective it’s cool that you can get this effect night or day. I wouldn’t buy the lens myself as I don’t do much glamour in the evening. I have an old 500mm f8 mirror lens that produced donut shaped effects particularly with water in the background. I may start having some fun with that again although it is very tricky to focus except in very bright conditions. I wonder if this lens can create even wide open the nice tapestry background that my f8 could produce. I will try it out and see.

  7. It’s not just about bokeh, it’s about speed, compression, contrast and distortion. These are tools in a box of tools, do carpenters sit around and complain about new hammers?! I wouldn’t shoot from the pit with a 500 f/4 either, use the right tool for the job.

  8. it’d be nice for a full-frame using portrait photographer that shoots in low-light.
    seen some on flickr.
    i’m not into the lemon-shaped bokeh but the overall IQ looks good. but I’ll stick with sony/zeiss/sigma lenses

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