Agfa Vista Film is Dead: Report

23 thoughts on Agfa Vista Film is Dead: Report

  1. I use both digital and film cameras. I use film cameras rarely nowadays. Yes, operating with it is slower, limited options, no quick setups but it’s great to do the old-style photography.
    I used Agfa and Kodak films since age of 10, but Agfa was never been the great one. Photos on both ends of film were often burnt or overflowed by colours, and films were a bit expensive here. Kodak was cheaper and had better quality (personal experience). Though the failures of Agfa films added great styles for different scenery, I used them rarely. Anyway, RIP.

  2. I used to work for a photo printing company many years ago. Old school machines though, not a proper dark room. Stared into films for hours when I printed and had to choose to add or remove colours. It was intense but amazing. I miss being part of the lives of people from all across the globe. Agfa was never my favorite film but some people managed to pull off miracles with it and delivered great photos. RIP Agfa.

  3. I’m pretty certain that Fuji Superia 200 and 400 are the same film anyway. I seem to be able to expose them at many stops and still get usable photos, but it’s best rated at 100 ISO. That being said, the old real AGFA Vista was a really good consumer film, especially for photos of people.

  4. Film is over rated in these days…. If your analog workflow from the click to the print, is just that, analog, i think that still makes the different from the new digital era, but, i see many work with analog from click and involve scanners in the final process… Like a hipster digital mix technique …. And they are so proud for being analog and using an analog camers.. C’mooon! ….. Ajajaja …..Digital is far far far away better…. And the most important, is doesnt use a lot of toxic liquids and tons of water for washing as film does….

  5. That’s a shame. It was far from being a great film but go back four or five years to when you could get it in poundland and then have it developed for £4-5 tops at tesco/asda…it kept film photography affordable when you didn’t want to mentally weigh up the value behind every shot.

  6. I’m curious as to how many of you would go back to your analog TV’s, or an old computer operating system just because it’s pure and artsy. Today there are only a few professionals, like Clyde Butcher, using film, and even he is also shooting digital. If you are a hobbyist and like to play around with old ways of making images have fun.

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