Photo Shoot Helicopter Crash in NYC’s East River Kills 5

20 thoughts on Photo Shoot Helicopter Crash in NYC’s East River Kills 5

  1. JESUS, Sounds like a nightmare. It also sounds like a heavy lawsuit will be coming. In what world does a flight service not inform people of how to disengage a harness or even worse not allow them to get out of it… you know… incase of an emergency? SMH Very Sad.

  2. Only given knives? What more do you want? a chainsaw?

    They should of been given proper instruction on how to operate the harness… And then I as a person that likes to stay alive I would practice taking it off and on while they screw around on start up.

  3. Very sad its not a common thing for a helicopter crash to come down so peacefully. If not for those harnesses those passengers should have all survived that light of an impact. Prayers for the families, very sad!

  4. Whenever I did doors off flights on a photo shoot, I’d wear a standard seat belt around the waist and another on my leg. Then asked the pilot to go into a steep pitch as I took the photos. I was using single shot medium format, so there would be lots of heavy banking to get just a few keepers. You also needed to make sure all gear was secure, including the camera in your hands. There is a lot to think about, and some people get air sick as well.

  5. The article says a passenger might have accidentally hit the emergency fuel shutdown button.

    What a stupid design to put an unprotected button that can bring down the helicopter in a place where it is susceptible to getting smacked by a photographer’s elbow while he/she is busy looking down a lens!

  6. To everyone saying “Ermagherd just get a drone!” Let me help you with the advisories and restrictions associated with flying a drone over Manhattan.

    Well i can’t post screenshots but there’s 12. At minimum requires the part 107 commercial pilot license and is Class B airspace.

  7. Always a safety brief and unclipping instructions before takeoff- and HUET training is compulsory for pilots flying over water- where a simulator helicopter is repeatedly dropped into a pool and rotated as it sinks and goes black- the pilot has to pretty much wait until it stabilises to be able to get himself out of his own harness – when he would have been underwater a while already- devastating for the families and absolutely horrendous experience for the pilot who should not be held to ransom for surviving this tragic event.

  8. One thing that doesn’t add up, when I took one of these flights (from the same company, and in fact the exact same chopper) there were strict rules about what you could bring, and bags were not allowed, nothing that could fall out of the aircraft, only cameras that are tethered to you, they wouldn’t let you bring a bag, and if they did it would have to be an empty bag… so the pilots claim that the passengers bag hit the fuel shut off doesn’t add up…

  9. Sad each seat belt harness should have attached seat belt cutter like i have in my car. Mine is kept in center console so it can be reached by both driver and passenger. But attaching them to a shoulder harness for easy access would be easy to do, Something like this might have saved five lives.

  10. The pilot was able to get out of his SEAT harness easily. The passengers were wearing warehouse picking harnesses designed to arrest falls to allow them to lean out of the helicopter. The anchor point is behind the back, between the shoulder blades. I wear this kind of harness at my job, and if your full body weight is hanging on the harness, you cannot release the safety hook which is located behind your back, in between the shoulder blades. That’s why they were issued “knives” (more likely seatbelt cutters). More than likely, hypothermia set in quickly and the passengers were in too much shock to cut themselves free. I imagine, the chest and leg loop buckles would be impossible to release when the harness is wet.

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