Photo Contest Judges Raise Alarm: We Didn’t Judge Anything…

14 thoughts on Photo Contest Judges Raise Alarm: We Didn’t Judge Anything…

  1. If it’s on a website…don’t trust it. The internet is riddled with lies, deceit, scams and more. Yes, honest things exist, but it’s hard to find them.

  2. People who pay photo competition entry fees to other than ‘very well-known brands’ (CA, PDN, Graphis) are simply being robbed. No one (in the photo industry) cares about ‘other’ winners. 90% of these are worthless shams. But throw away your money if you must.

  3. Oh this isn’t the first avenue this kind of thing has happened on. It’s all about raising money as the bottom line. I’ve entered a few competitions like this, and not just for photography. And won’t anymore – too many scams.

  4. Over the years, I’ve had fun entering photos in several County fairs and festivals. It’s all for the fun of it and it’s low-key. Usually very low or no fee, plus if you win, they give you a nice ribbon, which is more than these online contests give. One year, I won a $5 Starbucks card and a homemade pie.

  5. I entered a different contest like this once. It’s a money grab and utterly worthless for the vast majority of the people entering. What I got was an honorable mention among hundreds of honorable mentions, and then I was offered a book with all the winning photos (including mine!) for something around $50. That’s where they make their real money, getting the photographers to pay for books of their own photos. Inside the book I did indeed find my photo, sharing the page with 50 or so other images at about 1.1x.75 inches size with my name under it. The print quality was not very good, with the colors overly saturated. The first place winners were treated only slightly better. They each got a full page, but again the photos were low quality and only their names accompanied the photos; no information about circumstances or location of the photos.

    I still get emails from this contest organization a few times every year. It seems they run the contest every season, since they really gotta sell those books.

  6. By submitting, you do just that — collude with institutional authority and concede your moral imperative, conforming to a hegemonic hierarchy in return for revered status in your domain.

  7. Don’t agree that pay for play is bad. I entered an Australian based international contest , got a bit of exposure, and had my work displayed in the royal exhibition hall in Melbourne. However you have to be careful bout which ones you enter as most are money grabs.

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