This Nature Photographer is an Animal Whisperer

21 thoughts on This Nature Photographer is an Animal Whisperer

  1. As a research ecologist and conservationist…don’t feed the wildlife. Bad form indeed. The indirect effects of feeding wildlife can ripple through ecosystems and the direct effect of feeding wildlife can include things like disturbing the animal’s gut/digestive microbiome which can put that animal and other animals at risk for disease/parasites and even death. *steps off soapbox*

  2. I see food in three shots: bird lure, fox on the log, looks like a nut with the squirrel in one.

    Full praise for this guy’s ability to get the shot, but bait is wrong. We shouldn’t encourage this, and I recommend folks do not link/share this work.

  3. The likelihood of getting these kind of shots is a million to one per animal. I think what we’re looking at is animal renderings, and if I had to guess I’d say the render engine in Arnold or Octane.

  4. Konsta is savage… in a good way. Most people should research how people feed, why, and where before they are so quick to judge. He’s not feeding them anything foreign, he returns to the same areas and sometimes sits in hides for hours. He’s not abusing the animals. Look at his feed and work for yourself. Freakin people sometimes.

  5. I am “unliking” this page due to its condoning the practice of feeding wildlife for “the shot”. Others who feel this way should do the same. There are lots of photo groups out there with integrity. This just isn’t one of them.

  6. Beautiful landscapes animal portraits , most very respectful except- NO to the food.” A fed bear is a dead bear “, as the saying goes ,and that applies to all wild animals. The next time a human approaches, it could be a hunter who brings death instead of food .

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