Fujifilm X-H1: A Disappointing Release

10 thoughts on Fujifilm X-H1: A Disappointing Release

  1. Looks like a great stills camera with improved video capabilities. I can’t see how a fuji user could complain by getting IBIS, a great shutter, better AF for stills & movies, good HD slomo and improved 4K features.

    This is desperate click bait. F Stoppers you’re better than this.

  2. If you’re disappointed with this release, then it’s the first bad review I have seen, I won’t be buying it anyway as I’m happy with the XT2, but then again it wasn’t a replacement of the T2, it’s a different beast.

  3. Isn’t the replacement for the XT2 supposed to be announced at Photokina. My guess is, an updated XH1 will release in Fall of 2019 to get almost 2 years out of the original, and the next XT in Fall of 2020. Since the XH will fall in between the XT launches it will always get the sensor from the prior XT camera.

  4. Finally someone is honest about this camera!
    To my eyes this is a Beta camera made from recycled parts just to test the IBIS 😛
    On the other hand it is the best APS-C body so far from them.

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