The Latest Creative Cloud Update For Mac Was Deleting Non-Adobe Folders For Some Users

25 thoughts on The Latest Creative Cloud Update For Mac Was Deleting Non-Adobe Folders For Some Users

  1. If you have lost files: Stop using the computer and unplug the computer immediately. Don’t shut down cleanly, just pull the plug and remove the battery if it’s a laptop. Remove the hard drive and put it in another computer, and make a disk image of it (ddrescue can image most hard drives). Search the image for deleted files using PhotoRec, Testdisk, or JPEGrecover (among others). If your drive is protected with encryption you will need to decrypt the image before searching it.

  2. Adobe did not erase files on Icloud. It erased the first folder (alphabetically) on yur hard drive…. so if you named your client work folder with spaces in the beginning – it deleted EVERYTHING in it – like it did mine. I use Time Machine religiously so that saved me but for days I thought I had been hacked. Adobe should have sent an email out telling their customers what could happen – so that we did not waste time trying to find out who hacked us – which was ADOBE!!! The owe us BIGTIME!!!!

  3. The update affected files on my local hard drive. I don’t store files in the cloud. It deleted my complete folder of client files – 6GB of current ongoing work. It would have be devastation if I didn’t have time machine backing up constantly. It happened directly after my software was updated. I’ve turned off auto update now. This is a serious problem and I’ve lost trust completely.

  4. Soooooo, whats the deal with CC running things I see in Activity Monitor (mac osx 10.11) when nothing is open, even the CC program? It literally drains my laptop battery within 45 minutes and runs my computer hot. I had to force quit all of those things running? Not sure if that is a good description.

  5. James Duke. Like you said – we’re all just beta testers.
    I’ve been off CC for a month or two now. Using Coda instead of Dreamweaver… Looks like I bailed at the right time.

  6. Adobe hacked my iMac this weekend! I lost client files! I want 5 Year free subscription or rhw invoice I sent to Adobe security dept. email address today! I’m so mad!

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