What Facebook Can Learn About You From a Single Uploaded Photo

22 thoughts on What Facebook Can Learn About You From a Single Uploaded Photo

  1. ZUCK is lying. I can attest to having personally been the victim of the mic being turned on by FB. It involves NSFW things and an oh so coincidental friend request via Messenger the very next morning from someone in Sweden whose name was mentioned. Without a doubt FB turned on the mic.

  2. Also know that cropping a photo will not remove the info available to facebook. I once cropped out someone prior to uploading to facebook and they suggested (thru facial recognition I assume) sending the photo to them anyway.

  3. Instagram listens in on your microphone 24/7. I had VERY specific advertisements showing up in my feed literally the next day after mentioning them in a talk with friends. And they were things I _never_ discussed with anyone in chat, email or even googled for. Products I did not mention ever before in my life, or at least not for about 10 years. Bitterkas is one of them – a bitter non-alcoholic spanish drink. Just last week I mentioned it twice (first two times since 2010) when comparing a local Maltese drink to it (Kinnie). Guess what, next day a bright red advertisement of Bitterkas. And I’m not even in Spain…

  4. “How much personal data do you give away during a pizza-and-a-movie night?” the Wall Street Journal asks. “Far more than you think.”

    And how much personal data do you give to the online store when you go to buy a shirt? Far more than you can even imagine..

  5. I guess I don’t get the panic. Who cares? I mean, put down your phone/computer once and a while?? Don’t post anything you’re not willing to share with the world??

  6. It’s a fact of the internet world… you can no longer hide.But, why worry. There is so much data out there, it is like getting struck by lightning to be targeted for more than internet ads.

  7. The will know that I use Android and then tell to petapixel to put me post of “shooting whit an iphone is the best”. In order to persuade me to buy an iphone so petapixel gets their commission.

  8. Skulle du råka komma med på ett foto som någon för dig helt okänd tar på gatan, så kan Facebook spåra dig via ansiktsigenkänning och ta reda på var du befinner dig, skicka reklam som kommer från närbelägna butiker, komplettera historiken över dina besökta platser mm. .mm.

  9. My phone tracks me more than FB and nobody wants to get rid of that.. so what if FB knows where I order pizza. If I get 10% off next visit, I’m going anyway so yep…gimme discount

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