Photo of Man on Fire Wins World Press Photo of the Year

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Photo of Man on Fire Wins World Press Photo of the Year

Venezuelan photographer Ronald Schemidt has just been awarded the prestigious World Press Photo of the Year prize in 2018 for his striking photo of a Venezuelan man on fire during violent clashes with riot police. The photo, titled “Venezuela Crisis,” was one of 6 finalists that were named back in F…

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24 thoughts on Photo of Man on Fire Wins World Press Photo of the Year

  1. Actually I feel very sad this Photo winn’s ..
    Again a horrible example of human suffering, polarisation and brutality against one’s fellow human..
    When will we see some uplifting content?! Moving away from all the bad tempered hatred against each other?
    I say, please judges and jury’s.., focus on positivity and love instead of hate and death! This world needs more of that!

  2. (from a fellow Photographer) why don’t praise for the good in Humanity? why always award who’s watching People suffer (regardless they can interfere or not)? no matter what happened before or after the click, the picture is from a moment that usually was not supposed to happen at all… sad.

  3. The most iconic documentary photography is almost always of human suffering.

    For the people wanting positivity:
    You don’t strive for good without recognizing the bad. The only way triumph and victory (or peace and happiness) can be achieved is to acknowledge the bad. This is what was captured; the situation which embodies a very climactic tipping point in an unstable country.

    If you think the photographer took great pleasure in watching a fellow human catch fire, then you have no actual grasp of humanity and therefore do not acknowledge the means of change for a better world. These kinds of photos are important, and that’s why they’re chosen.

  4. Its sad that world press photo has focused on awarding the overall winners of the past years, very graphic instant photos. I mean, if you see the galleries, there are a TON of extraordinary photos and stories well worth awarding over these photos. Don´t get me wrong, I think this picture is a good photo, but for me its just sensationalist. There are (and have been) far better pictures and stories throughout the past years that have not won and should have.. Im disapointed in the world press jury…

  5. The young man seen in the photograph is an anti-government protester who was the victim of his own Molotov bomb. He accidentally burned himself trying to carry out an attack.

  6. It’s so cruel and sad but this is the real world where we’re living right now. Every single image tells deep stories that I haven’t seen sweet and sugary photos on Instagram.

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