Filmmakers Caught Walking On Grand Prismatic Spring, Spark Major Outrage

25 thoughts on Filmmakers Caught Walking On Grand Prismatic Spring, Spark Major Outrage

  1. I work for a major concessioner at Yellowstone park and I don’t care how good their apology was, they deserve a hefty fine for this. The primary reason why we have the National Parks Service in place is to help preserve these natural wonders and beauties in all National Parks so that mankind does not destroy them. Next I suppose someone will pour some paint over the side of the Grand Canyon for the sake of art and assume that no one will be upset with it.

  2. Between this and the incident about a week ago where a tourist loaded a baby bison into his car to keep him warm (which ended up in the bison having to be euthanized because it was abandoned by its family), I’m thinking that all visits to these grand locations ought to require a $5000 security deposit.

    You would of course get your $5000 back if you don’t act like a total jack-hole while you’re there, but if you break any of the rules, the park keeps the money.

  3. The hate speech is way over the roof. While I’m aware of the possible harm they may have caused, no need to crucify them for it. They’ve since learned a lesson & have apologized for it even willing to donate up to $5000 to the park authorities.

  4. They were definetly dumb to do that, but does a few people walking on a spring really hurt it? It’s obviously dangerous to them, but I don’t see how it hurts the environment. I’m nowhere near an expert on this kind of environment though, so I could be wrong

  5. How big was their fine? The entitlement attitude of some photographs just kills me.
    “Hey, I’m a photographer so I can go anywhere to get my shot”
    What environment fostered this?

  6. Every week it’s something new…the shipwreck in tomales bay, the depot building, now this…these aren’t photographers, they’re degenerates disrespecting the environment!

  7. I love how their “apologetic donations” only come with work from the facebook community in a horrible attempt to try and self promote.

    The real hero is the guy that exposed these people.
    Whoever you are we all thank you.

    These people are the exact reason for habitats all over the world being destroyed simply out of people being idiots and selfish.

    I really hate how this happens soo often and people can just get away with things by making a public “apology” or whatever they want to call that horrible speech.
    And of course nothing will happen to these people, especially if they have connections to Red Bull and other major brands.

    How about use this hashtag
    Instead of their selfish one..


  8. I guess there are too few of us willing to go beyond what “the system” establishes as right/wrong & good/bad to make art or explore photography. After all, isn’t that how photography started? Asking why? Exploring? Seeking? Questioning? And then putting the results on film? These photographers didn’t eradicate an endangered flea, or some other new age bologna. Here’s an inarguable fact, the further one pushes their work, the more risks taken, the greater the results. Some of us acknowledge this, some don’t. But it always comes out in the final edit, period. Call them idiots or douche bags all you want, but they’re following their artistic passion…..are you?

  9. $5000 seems like an adequate fine as long as no actual damage was done. If any evidence of damage was recorded, than restitution is required as well. #DonationforYellowstone

  10. This is just PP cashing in on Non photographic worthless news ….had there been girls getting naked in front of ejaculating geysers I would be interested to some extent……! (thumbs down article)

  11. As an amateur photographer it upsets me that these “professional bloggers” sponsored by a company that encourages outrageous behaviour are making photographers in general look bad. It is a sad fact that the general public tends to generalize so we have all nows been tarnished by the actions of a few a*******.

  12. They did a stupid misguided thing and they knew it as well. But I don’t think a witch hunt to get their sponsors to pull out is called for… I do however think they need a hefty fine and a lesson learned from it all.

  13. Until the park service starts fining the morons who commit such behavior, then this won’t end because people are too arrogant to follow the well posted rules.

  14. All these individuals think spray paint is a expression on national monuments or carving your initials in red rock is super cool. Or trespassing by walking on a forbidden area is a right. May they all get brains, or certainly less entitled.

  15. This is why we have rules.. because NOT everyone has common sense EVEN when there are signs posted all over! Hefty fines and permanent ban in ALL of the parks for these idiots!

  16. Idiots! What’s next? Maybe someone will put a baby bison in the trunk thinking it’s cold, and it will later be rejected by its herd and die. Oh, wait…..

  17. Walking close to the springs like that can be dangerous. The ground can give away. I have heard reports of bison and even people standing near the very hot springs and have been injured or killed when the ground gives way. That’s why there are the Board walks around the springs.

  18. Why cant people just think about what there doing ? its not worth risking anything for a shot . get a zoom lens get it from a distance . i get so disappointed in photographers making the rest of us look bad because of there stupid mistakes .

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