Why This One Camera Costs $40,000

Why this camera costs $40,000.

Why This One Camera Costs $40,000

The Hasselblad H6D-100c is a 100-megapixel medium format DSLR that costs $33,000 without a lens. Throw in a Hasselblad H lens and the resulting camera kit can easily cost over $40,000, or more than the average car. Here’s a 5-minute video by photographer Tyler Stalman that explores why a single came…

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  1. The film Hasselblad I got to use was way above and beyond the average camera, there was no comparison. Even with my mediocre developing skills. Ok so the negative itself was larger than 35 mm film, but even so….

  2. The hard truth is… Because it’s a camera for Elite Pros. Those that charge $8,000 per project… Not those that are willing to do the job for $100 with their Nikon/Canon DSLR’s…

  3. You have to get those $8000 assignments. I started to use Hasselblad before I had those assignments. I pushed my limits. And do my customers need a Hasselblad? No! Do I need it? No! Does it make my work better? Technical yes! I work different compared with a dslr. A always work with the h6d-50c. And last time I shot a portrait with my Sony, indoor with available light. It was good, but it was also a huge different compared with the h6d the dynamic range and colors weren’t as good.

  4. Ok, what about the design? Nothing about that camera looks good/expensive. If I wouldn’t know what it is I might even think it’s an oversized toy camera or something. Sure, we all got used to the aestethics of it and it’s remarkably recognizable, but other than that, it looks really cheap, plastic and rubber. That dude handholding it looks like he’ll be able to do it for about 5 shots.

  5. My 8 year old technology phase one p45+ 39mp, can still make sharper picture and better contrast and color by the CCD sensor, compare to my Sony A7R3 and GM 85mm lens. And the skin tones is more then perfect on phase one! Thats why they cost so much. Their picture quality is years in front compared to today’s DSLR and mirrorless.

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