Bill Maher Interviews Kathy Griffin About Her Infamous Beheaded Trump Photoshoot, Blames Photographer

Kathy Griffin sat down with Bill Maher to speak about her infamous beheaded Trump photoshoot.

Bill Maher Interviews Kathy Griffin About Her Infamous Beheaded Trump Photoshoot, Blames Photographer

You likely remember the photoshoot in which Tyler Shields photographed Kathy Griffin holding a fake decapitated head of Donald Trump, which ignited quite the firestorm of controversy. In this interview, she sits down with Bill Maher to discuss her feelings on the fallout from the image.

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24 thoughts on Bill Maher Interviews Kathy Griffin About Her Infamous Beheaded Trump Photoshoot, Blames Photographer

  1. OH! she is pulling a hillary!! who was the one holding the bloody decapitated head? Kathy.
    and she went on bill maher this is leftist liberal softballer.
    she should go on shean hannity if they really is serious.

  2. Seems it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Just own it – you f’d up, you apologized, it’s over. All this post-mortem shoulda coulda woulda crap is just nonsense. Free speech only really comes into play here because you got back lash from it. No it wasnt illegal but it was juvenile and distasteful and your fan base as well as the community you shared it in revolted against. This has NOTHING to do with Free Speech… it does have something to do with THOUGHTFUL speech, to which you applied the wrong thoughts.

  3. Another text book moment of over reaction.

    What do you get when you mix a D-list comic, a photographer desperate for attention and an pathologically ill egomaniac President?

    Another F-stopper article.

  4. The irony is that so many of the people who vehemently objected to the image are the same people who need a stockpile of firearms because they’ll be required to kill public servants.

  5. She has the right to free speech. What she doesn’t have is the right to be free of the consequences of her speech. She pissed a lot of people off not only with that little stunt of hers, but with the way she conducted herself afterwards.

  6. I distribute the blame as follows:

    Photographer: 49%
    Client: 51%

    The client always has the final say, on whether they approve an image for public display.

    I’m no fan of this administration, but it was tone-deaf.

  7. It’s kind of stupid to blame the photographer since anybody who actually works in that world knows that the celebs and their management give the OK on any final images that get published… if they were smart about it anyway. It was a stupid photo but the real point of the interview was how the investigation that followed was a dog and pony show to try and suppress freedom of speech which should concern all photographers. If we let these embers of fascism burn the pictures you take could put you in legal jeopardy or at the very least cost you big money fighting for the rights you already have under the constitution.

  8. OK Kathy, we get it – tell you what – I will be happy to have you stop in my studio area for a free photo shot and I won’t let out any images that would get you in trouble. It can be your safe place.

  9. Little republikkkan snowflakes can’t stand any real American’s criticizing their Putin clone orange pedophile rapist god. I can’t wait until he is arrested, tried, convicted, and executed for high treason!

  10. Blame and dissemble! They’re all you’ve got? Take responsibility, apologize and STFU.

    we’re done with you. Not because of one photograph, but because I always saw you as a parasite with no talent, making fun of other people, and I always marveled at how you got rich doing that.

    Be grateful you earned enough money to buy that lovely mansion in cash. “Your gays” can visit you there all you want, but the rest of us really don’t need to hear from you.


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