My Camera Won’t Focus: The 8 Most Common Problems

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My Camera Won’t Focus: The 8 Most Common Problems

If you’re consistently struggling with poor auto-focus performance and want to know how you can improve, this video is a treasure-trove of ideas that you can use. A camera’s auto-focusing performance depends on a number of aspects and any one of them can throw it haywire: 1. The Lens Needs to Be Cal…

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  1. hum, well, not that I recommend any one else be as brave as me, but my Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 “L” zoom was giving me fits ever since I broke in in half, yes, the camera on tripod fell during a night shoot. I turned back to see my headlamp shine on the lens bouncing 50 ft down the mountain and the tripod with camera at my feet. But ever so often it would just stop working. Cleaning the contacts sometimes helped. In Mexico and needing it for a shoot, With no time to send it for repairs I opened the contact ring and saw there was a lot of dust inside. I could not open it very wide, but did get a small paint brush in to clean that out. It worked, and I put it away till the nightscape shoot. Not a problem, but if you have problems of re-occurring connections, have your service center look into this possible issue for you. 100 frames or more later no issues.

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