PETA’s Copyright Lawsuit About The “Monkey Selfie” Feels Like Another Big Publicity Stunt

25 thoughts on PETA’s Copyright Lawsuit About The “Monkey Selfie” Feels Like Another Big Publicity Stunt

  1. Maybe they should ask the monkey what he wants to do with the money…. < sarcasm. Give the money to the photographer who’s camera this picture came from.

  2. IMHO, what PETA do is stupid. They have more important things to do than this. What for? Trying to grab attention? THe photographer should counter sue for robbery as the monkey took his camera without his permission. This is getting nowhere.. just plain stupid.

  3. Gregory Crewdson doesn’t press a shutter button either, but his photographic images still belong to him. I think PETA is being a bully and the photographer should remain the copyright owner. And the author is wrong – PETA cares about publicity not animals. If they did, they would use all of their funds toward neutering every homeless companion animal in the country and the organization would STILL have money to start up animal sanctuaries.

  4. Animals are not people. Is a spider people? A a matter of fact I believe that many humans are not people (or is it the other way around?). Just go to cook County in Illinois and see the emergency rooms fill with victims of upright walking animals. PETA is a terrorist organization at tany level. the law could be adjusted to recognize a Sea Cucumber as people but that still does not make it so.

  5. This issue was already addressed in the original case it was rules that an animal can not hold copyright so petas lawauit is without merit court has already rules againts their possition

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