Russian Man Takes Out Flying Drone with a Spear at History Festival

25 thoughts on Russian Man Takes Out Flying Drone with a Spear at History Festival

  1. Do not fly your drone over people and populated areas. Imagine a helicopter hovering over these people? Dangerous. While a drone experiencing any number of failure is less likely to kill someone, injuries are known to happen. Fly your drone away from people and crowds.

  2. If people have the right to destroy something annoying, then I am going on a cell phone smashing rampage through the streets of Los Angeles. Unless there were some rules against using a drone here, the spear thrower is WRONG!

  3. This really pisses me off.. I had a guy once yell “Get my Gun” when I was flying my Quad taking pictures. If we’re to analyze this rational – that means I can shoot anyone with a cell phone. Right?

  4. I file both these people under “just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Yes it was probably legal to fly the drone there but let’s please have some respect for the hundreds of other people wanting to enjoy the day.

  5. The drone had made several low passes over an active fight demonstration. It could have easily led to someone being seriously hurt as they were using real weapons. The individual controlling the drone should have known better. Having said that there are better ways to deal with the situation then to be unsafe yourself by throwing g a spear that could have hit a bystander. At least he is paying for the damages.

  6. Tripod vs Drone: Tripod you can SEE whose taking the pictures and base your reaction on that. Drone could be any weirdo with some cash in their pocket who could afford the toy. Could be legit or not. All you see is this invasive insect buzzing over your function with no rhyme or reason.

  7. everyone seems to be missing an important point. This happened in Russia. The FAA does not regulate airspace there, Our laws do nor apply there, and lastly you really don’t want to mess with Ivan.

  8. Impressive yet stupid. He had no right to destroy someone’s property because he disagrees. Even if there was a prohobition taking it down with a spear is stylish but utterly brutish…

  9. why applaud or give this moron credit for deliberate destruction of someone else’s property what harm was being done other than giving great perspective on a grander scale than what they had on the ground…….. in a word Idiocy

  10. Did no-one notice this looks like 3D-animated footage? The crowd movements has something ‘calculated’. Ca’t explain. maybe I’m wrong, but it really looks like an animation to me. If it is: well done.

  11. If you fly a drone over a crowd of people whom you have not notified of said drone, expect the same treatment EVERY TIME.

    BTW, no one in the crowd is asking for these “shots”

  12. All of you photographers thinking a drone is a spy tool and an invasion of privacy, best you stop taking pictures because your understanding of wide angle lenses = 0 .

  13. Good shot. Shows when technology fails the Russians with basic skills will win over your laser gun out of battery hehe
    not a drone fan even if it’s an alternative way to photography. It’s like using a robot to give you an O.
    Wonder how we would react if someone strapped some c4 on a drone… I know u will say what’s the difference with one on a body on ground. Well, at least we can have a chance of identifying that murderer on ground. With a drone he will be a serial murderer..just saying.

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