Canon EF-M 28mm STM Macro Lens to be First with a Built-In Ring Light

25 thoughts on Canon EF-M 28mm STM Macro Lens to be First with a Built-In Ring Light

  1. My 7DII already eats through batteries, I can’t imagine what it would be like with an afternoon shooting with this! I’ll stick to my hotshoe ring flash!

  2. I don’t know too many people that uses Canon M system. Perhaps it would be interesting to use if Canon launches a worthy mirrorless camera. But Canon’s too busy selling rehoused DSLR’s with minimum tech upgrades.

  3. Just speculating, since 28mm seems to be weird on a aps-c sensor with a 1.6x crop ratio, is that possble for this lens to be used in a full frame sensor, hence,is there a full frame EOS-M on the way?

  4. Kind of ingenious. Certainly would be less bulky to have this than a ring light set up with flash cord attachments. Perfect for a wedding photographer getting ring shots.

  5. I think this could be quite an asset to someone who likes hiking and macro photography yet doesn’t want to carry a huge bag of gear. Surely a compromise, but not everyone likes lugging around huge amounts of glass all the time. 🙂

  6. If it works well then it isn’t gimmicky. It’s incredibly useful for close distance macro work if it works well. Cue all the remarks saying they should be working on dynamic range instead.

  7. Nikkor Medical, Canon, will be better when you improve and produce your printers and copy machines 🙂 I hope one time you can understand who is number 1 in camera produce, and other people understand too, it´s pretty stupid make photos with your copy machines 😀

  8. Nobody realize that LED gives chance to take movie with ring light? Nikon’s flash light are to still shots only. These were specialized lens to medical usage. With modern APS-C, deeper Depth of field with high ISO gives more possibility for any stage. Full 35mm size sensor aren’t always better.

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