Steel Wool Photographer Burns Down Historic 1920s Building

24 thoughts on Steel Wool Photographer Burns Down Historic 1920s Building

  1. This steel wool thing is entirely played out. Honestly the pictures look terrible, one giant blown out part of the image. Never been something I’ve wanted to do.

  2. Thats why pro’s hire professional Special Effects Pyro Technicians and that wouldn’t have happened. This is what amateurs do. A pro bro would have said no go.

  3. Not knowing what steel wool photography was, I Googled it, looked at the first ten photos and let out a big yawn. Reminded me of swinging around sparklers as a kid, which was dangerous.

  4. Prosecute to the fullest for all of them. Some photographer who play by the rules who have to get permits, hire safety teams, and get permission to shoot at location all pay for it in the end both monetarily and by all the red tape hassle getting permisison in the first place because of rogue photographers like these. No trespassing really means what it says. Running from the scene of a crime? You make a mistake you stand up a own up to it. It only get worse when you run.

  5. Steel Wool/Fireworks Light Painting photography is not just something you may have learnt or seen, and wanna try it out WITHOUT listening out ALL the Do’s and Don’ts prior to getting that shot. A huge brainless moron he is…sigh…

  6. I’m sorry but if you don’t respect your subject and need steel wool to give your photos a *spark* then… Are you really a photographer? What’s the story or idea behind the photo? Where’s the creativity or is that supposed to be the steel wool? (Because that’s been wayyyy over done)

  7. The two shots in the story would look awesome if there wasn’t any steel wool effect going on! If you need to do steel wool to make your photos have some pop then you shouldn’t be a photographer!!!

  8. The steel wool schtick, like that of the Milky Way, has been mostly played out. At least no one gets hurt or property damaged when someone shoots yet another night shot.

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